Cambridge NZ St Andrews Church

Victoria, Hamilton & Lake Cambridge New Zealand

the White Church corner, Cambridge New Zealand, is losing its SH1 designation

The intersection of Hamilton Road and Victoria Street Cambridge New Zealand a.k.a. the White Church corner is losing its SH1 designation. The Rotorua sign is apt as the Auckland-Cambridge-Rotorua connection was significant for travellers in the early days of motoring. The icon beside the New Zealand state highway shield represents The Thermal Explorer Highway a navigation assistance for visitors travelling between Auckland and Hawke’s Bay; though somewhat superfluous to the needs of the locals. Cambridge Branch Railway (under a variety of names) also passed through (or beside) the intersection from 1884 and most of the 20th century.   A roundabout to replace the current road layout, one of a number of planned infrastructure projects, will be constructed later in the year.

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