Ginkgo biloba – for Abbie’s column

Cambridge and Leamington ginkos, photographed on the 3rd of June 2014, for Abbie Jury’s Waikato Times column. Abbie’s columns are also available at

Leamington at NeighbourlyNZ

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Hamilton Road SH1 Cambridge New Zealand

Hamilton Road Cambridge New Zealand

Hamilton Road Cambridge New Zealand

Midday on the 1st of June 2013; our autumn has been longer and later than usual. Bryce Street is behind us, the road to Hamilton (SH1) on our left. We are looking toward the SH1B turn off. SH1B begins with Victoria Road to the left, rejoining SH1 at Taupiri. Hamilton Road becomes Victoria Street at the pedestrian crossing on the St Andrew’s Church corner ahead.

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Home of Cycling Open Day St Peter’s School Cambridge

When: Today Saturday, 25 June, 12pm – 5pm
Where: St Peter’s School 1716 Cambridge Road, Cambridge New Zealand

PR open day for Home of Cycling Trust encouraging community involvement in the proposed national Cycling Centre of Excellence St Peter’s School SH1 Cambridge

Home of Cycling Open Day St Peter’s School Cambridge

There are more photos to come… yes here!!

For Christchurch Cathedral from Cambridge Bellathon ap’PEAL

For details Carey McLaughlin 021 294 3353 or Phillip Coles 021 432 767. From 8AM – 8PM St Patrick’s Day 17th of March 2011, St Andrews Church, Cambridge New Zealand. Pull a bell and make your own peal for a donation to the Christchurch Cathedral or sponsor a peal from the St Andrew’s Bellringers.
Phillip Coles Bell ringer St Andrews Church Cambridge 23/2/2011

Photograph: Phillip Cole St Andrew’s Church 23/2/2011

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – water tower SH1 Hamilton Road

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Water tower SH1 Hamilton Road Cambridge New Zealand

If you want to have a look it’s best to stop and wander into the small park. A good place for a quick break and a cup of tea. Built in 1903 the water tower is found beside Resthaven Resthome in Paine Park – part of the Cambridge greenbelt on the corner of Vogel Street and Hamilton Road SH1 on the western edge of Cambridge.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – St Andrew’s Anglican Church

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

St Andrew's Anglican Church, Cambridge, New Zealand

It often comes up in conversation when away from home – when asked where I’m from, the response more often than not – ah! the place with the church on the corner. Well, that and the trees. I may have mentioned this before – passing into the US at San Francisco in the late 80’s I had disembarked ahead of most on the plane in order to catch a domestic flight and paused for a moment to chat with the officer checking my passport – ‘Cambridge New Zealand‘ he said, ‘the town with the beautiful church on the corner my wife and I do enjoy visiting. Sunday morning the 3rd of October 2010.

Cambridge New Zealand – TrustPower road show

TrustPower @ Red Cherry

The lads from TrustPower; Graig Neustroski National Sales Manager and Graeme Purches Community Relations Manager speak to members of Cambridge Chamber of Commerce this evening, Wednesday the 30th of June 2010, at Red Cherry Cafe. Their subject; New Zealand’s power supply industry and TrustPower’s place in it. A wide ranging presentation – PowerPoint and all – current, historic and projected power requirements. Planning, strategy and logistics for future generation requirements. Expectations, obligations and frustrations under current regulation. TrustPower investment policy and strategies / positioning in the commercial and domestic power supply market. Not forgetting research, community v corporate philosophies (hearts and minds stuff) – and the big picture where do we go from here? questions. Along with one or two bits and bobs I didn’t quite grasp.

Heady stuff – whew!

Part feel good, part advocacy, part PR and part too much information – robustly entertaining none the less. Oh, and a disclosure; I am a happy TrustPower customer also using TrustPower telecoms division Kinect (BTW excellent and personable tech. support).

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Cambridge Autumn Festival 2010 – Nairobi Trio

The Nairobi Trio perform before an enthusiastic audience at St Andrews Parish Hall, Cambridge, New Zealand this evening, Thursday, the 29th of April 2010. Masterful and thoroughly entertaining. Very deliberately shot from a static POV (Canon G10) to soak up the atmosphere and the music of course. BTW the odd flashes of light in the windows left and right is traffic passing by on SH1, Hamilton Road – just beyond the hall. Very lo-fi but you get the picture. [06:38]

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Cambridge Autumn Festival 2010 – St Andrews Anglican Church

Lighting the paper lanterns at St Andrews

Andrew McCathie lights paper lanterns on the turning circle in front of St Andrews Parish Centre, Hamilton Road, Cambridge, New Zealand this evening, Wednesday, the 28th of April 2010. The lanterns have become something of a tradition for cultural events held at the church.

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St Andrews Anglican Church Cambridge NZ

St Andrews Anglican Church Cambridge New Zealand

St Andrews’ Auckland Anniversary Day market day is an annual affair. Today it has many visitors as right along side SH1 traffic crawls home from the long weekend. One attraction is the church itself. As I sit still in a pew for five minutes making this photograph I am intrigued by the comments of those seeing the inside of the church for the first time – I have known it all my life.

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Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

A reader reminds me that athletics meetings were held on Victoria Square – formerly known as the Government Acre – before the move to Athletic Park on the Greenbelt at the Hamilton Road (SH1) Vogal Street corner. As I recall running at least the one meeting on the square the move must have happened around 1960 when I was intermediate / middle school age – please correct me if I am wrong. Athletic Park is on the left as you slow for the 50k sign travelling into Cambridge from the north west on the Hamilton Cambridge road.

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Tamara Mayo and Anna Hawkins

The St Andrew’s Concert Series continues this evening, Thursday the 7th of August 2008, with sopranos Tamara Mayo and Anna Hawkins accompanied by St Andrew’s Director of Music Mark Eyre and the combined choirs of St Andrew’s and St John’s Te Awamutu.

Anna Hawkins entertains a full house at St Andrew’s this evening.

Tamara Mayo accompanied by the combined choirs of St Andrew’s Cambridge and St John’s Te Awamutu.

Mark Eyre, Anna Hawkins and Tamara Mayo take a bow at the conclusion of tonight’s concert.

If you want to see the full selection of photos taken this evening please call into Hot Shots To Go 64A Victoria Street Cambridge or email me

Church lighting: David Jones

Commemorative t-shirt

Archbishop of Cambrai, Archbishop François Garnier presents Reverend Andrew Hedge, Vicar of St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Cambridge a t-shirt listing the names of 93 New Zealand soldiers who died during the liberation of Le Quesnoy in November 1918.

T-Shirt detail.

Edited: 09:41 12/7/2008

Many attending from the Archdiocese of Cambrai, the Diocese of Lille and the Diocese of Arras wore the t-shirt during the service at St Andrew’s and indeed earlier to mass at St Peter’s. T-shirts were presented to Father Bennett, Mayor Livingston, Deputy Mayor Lee and others.

Edited: 12:36 12/7/2008

Rev Andrew Hedge address

The address to Youth Peace Day pilgrims given by The Rev Andrew Hedge Vicar of St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Cambridge, New Zealand today, Friday the 11th of July 2008.

A story is told of a New Zealander who once went on a pilgrimage to France, to visit the historic battlefields where our grandfathers and great grandfathers had fought. He was not alone in the pilgrimage as he was traveling with others in a group, as so often happens in pilgrimages. A part of the pilgrimage took them to a small village in France, to Le Quesnoy, and for this New Zealander, as well as countless other New Zealanders, to a particular part of Le Quesnoy. They gathered on the spot where the New Zealand soldiers, led by Lt Leslie Averill had scaled the walls of the town in the liberation of the villagers from the occupying troops. Continue reading

What is Cambridge township?

I find the branding of Waipa problematical as it subverts the identity of our town. More so when that branding appropriates iconography clearly identifiable as Cambridge. Our Chamber of Commerce refers to Cambridge as a township. My current favourite is little big town which came, I think, from the visitor people. Confusion reigns.

Whether we like it or not Cambridge and Leamington combined, coupled with the escapees beyond the greenbelt, is fast approaching what in an earlier era would have been classed a city. We have a lovemark, the word Cambridge. All by itself.

Planning for the future in light of history, contemporary example, current sensitivities to climate, sustainability, transportation costs, even the advice of ‘experts’ etc etc is all good. But if we lose sight of what we are in a confusion of bureaucratic flagwaving and tourism speak we do ourselves a disservice.

State Highway One Hamilton Road Pukeroro at Racecourse and Hooker Roads on the border of two regional authorities Waikato and Waipa Districts at 8:11AM this Thursday the 10th of July 2008.

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