1 July 2018

On a mission of sorts. Half time. Have been cross posting during June. This will continue during July. Comparing the mechanics and usefulness of web platforms used, or ignored, over the past decade or so. ello.co far and away the easier and most elegant posting experience of all; vies with Behance as a digital creativesContinue reading “1 July 2018”

Cambridge New Zealand, hereabouts and close at hand

Thirty names associated with Cambridge New Zealand. Mountains, hills, lakes, swamps, farming ‘districts’, our river and streams: the assignment is neighbours (yes, I know and I did do the WP stuff as well). The graphic I prepared earlier. Love these places and place names. I live in Leamington, was born in Cambridge, and grew upContinue reading “Cambridge New Zealand, hereabouts and close at hand”

Official ribbon cutting Waikato Expressway Cambridge section 15/12/15

Today I got to be a press photographer for a few of hours. Got to drive on the new expressway before it opened – on reflection I may have VIP’d when I should have press’d (different car parks). Listened to speeches celebrating the land & it’s people, the maunga standing around us, the engineering and constructionContinue reading “Official ribbon cutting Waikato Expressway Cambridge section 15/12/15”

Michael Jeans … in your face watermarking

The ‘watermark’ you now see on all my photographs has been a long time coming. 2015, a time of much photography but little publishing, has offered me a clearer understanding of what I’m actually doing by publishing my work. Photography, for me, is both craft and art (as well as income). I guess this seemsContinue reading “Michael Jeans … in your face watermarking”