Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

A reader reminds me that athletics meetings were held on Victoria Square – formerly known as the Government Acre – before the move to Athletic Park on the Greenbelt at the Hamilton Road (SH1) Vogal Street corner. As I recall running at least the one meeting on the square the move must have happened around 1960 when I was intermediate / middle school age – please correct me if I am wrong. Athletic Park is on the left as you slow for the 50k sign travelling into Cambridge from the north west on the Hamilton Cambridge road.

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One thought on “Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

  1. Very close: A check at the Cambridge Museum from Cambridge Athletic & Harrier Club 1918-1993 Souvenier Booklet

    …1950-51 Return to Victoria Square

    and in the 1960-61 season the move to their own grounds at Athletic Park.

    and btw on pp 33

    (Memories) Running was held at Victoria Square when Mr & Mrs Jeans of Whitehall enrolled their children Michael, Neville and Bronwyn with the Athletic Club … He (Michael) can recall being a member of the Waikato team competing at Mt. Smart and running on cinders.

    (From mum – Phyllis Jeans – I expect).

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