Home of Cycling Open Day St Peter’s School Cambridge

When: Today Saturday, 25 June, 12pm – 5pm
Where: St Peter’s School 1716 Cambridge Road, Cambridge New Zealand

PR open day for Home of Cycling Trust encouraging community involvement in the proposed national Cycling Centre of Excellence St Peter’s School SH1 Cambridge

Home of Cycling Open Day St Peter’s School Cambridge

There are more photos to come… yes here!!

Park House fire Cambridge, New Zealand | Jason Tregurtha

Park House Cambridge New Zealand

Sad. Park House, on Queen Street opposite Victoria Square (beside the Shell service station on the SH1 Victoria Street & Queen Street roundabout Cambridge, New Zealand), built in 1928, and originally a private hotel, was destroyed by fire this afternoon. Guest photographer: Jason Tregurtha. Here are some recent photographs of this beautiful 625 square metre home – also taken by Jason.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – The Boatshed Café

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

The Boatshed Café

The Boatshed Café relaunched under new ownership today. Richard and Robyn Clark have split their ten year old business to concentrate on Boatshed Kayaks with Katie Shick coming in as the new owner of  The Boatshed Café. (sorry folks! I may have left out a couple of steps here – but the point being The Boatshed Café & Kayaks is now two businesses). The Boatshed Café overlooking Lake Karapiro from the western shore is a gem that sits opposite the 500-600 metre mark of the 2000 metre Karapiro rowing course – the start line is clearly visible from the property. In the photograph we have from the left; Abiy, Katharina, Sheryl and Katie (Hydro Majestic & Ruby’s Cafe). Cool!

21 Amber Lane, Karapiro, Cambridge 3494, New Zealand +64 7 827 8286. Take SHI south of Cambridge – past the turn off to Karapiro Hydro Village & Mobil Karapiro, right into Gorton Road, left into Amber Lane – you’ll find it!

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Karapiro School crew #2

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Room 1 Karapiro School Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron
Four senior Karapiro School students; Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron pose for a photo this afternoon, Wednesday, the 27th of October 2010 with Room 1‘s excellent WRCH2010 project. Not only showing support for the countries they are following – the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany and Australia – the clocks on the right show the time zones of each country (I do wonder, though, why the Australian clock has stopped!) – but a teaching moment, as well, exploring team work, with nifty references to rowing through the concepts friendliness, honestycommitment, responsibility, excellence and confidence. Most impressive.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – cricket on Victoria Square

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Cricket on Victoria Square, Cambridge, New Zealand
No, not today – but a common enough sight during the summer months. Victoria Square (dare I say it opposite the KFC roundabout on SH1) is home to Cambridge Cricket ClubCambridge Farmers’ Market and heaps of other activities and events – formal and informal. Yet another great spot for a picnic or just a quick cup of tea and a comfort stop. If you’re travelling through or are one of those folk who is always meaning to have a look around Cambridge – ease out of the traffic, park somewhere around the edge of the square and come on in for a wander around town. Photo taken Waitangi Day – 6 February 2010.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – water tower SH1 Hamilton Road

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Water tower SH1 Hamilton Road Cambridge New Zealand

If you want to have a look it’s best to stop and wander into the small park. A good place for a quick break and a cup of tea. Built in 1903 the water tower is found beside Resthaven Resthome in Paine Park – part of the Cambridge greenbelt on the corner of Vogel Street and Hamilton Road SH1 on the western edge of Cambridge.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – St Andrew’s Anglican Church

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

St Andrew's Anglican Church, Cambridge, New Zealand

It often comes up in conversation when away from home – when asked where I’m from, the response more often than not – ah! the place with the church on the corner. Well, that and the trees. I may have mentioned this before – passing into the US at San Francisco in the late 80’s I had disembarked ahead of most on the plane in order to catch a domestic flight and paused for a moment to chat with the officer checking my passport – ‘Cambridge New Zealand‘ he said, ‘the town with the beautiful church on the corner my wife and I do enjoy visiting. Sunday morning the 3rd of October 2010.

Cambridge New Zealand – TrustPower road show

TrustPower @ Red Cherry

The lads from TrustPower; Graig Neustroski National Sales Manager and Graeme Purches Community Relations Manager speak to members of Cambridge Chamber of Commerce this evening, Wednesday the 30th of June 2010, at Red Cherry Cafe. Their subject; New Zealand’s power supply industry and TrustPower’s place in it. A wide ranging presentation – PowerPoint and all – current, historic and projected power requirements. Planning, strategy and logistics for future generation requirements. Expectations, obligations and frustrations under current regulation. TrustPower investment policy and strategies / positioning in the commercial and domestic power supply market. Not forgetting research, community v corporate philosophies (hearts and minds stuff) – and the big picture where do we go from here? questions. Along with one or two bits and bobs I didn’t quite grasp.

Heady stuff – whew!

Part feel good, part advocacy, part PR and part too much information – robustly entertaining none the less. Oh, and a disclosure; I am a happy TrustPower customer also using TrustPower telecoms division Kinect (BTW excellent and personable tech. support).

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2010 Cambridge to Hamilton Child Cancer Toy Run

2010 Cambridge Hamilton Child Child Cancer Toy Run

The annual Ulysses Club Motorcycle Toy Run from Cambridge to Hamilton to raise money for child cancer left Alpha Street Cambridge at 11am this morning for Garden Place in Hamilton a distance of roughly 25 kilometres. Official photos taken at the start of the run will be available during the next couple of days at hotshotstogo.co.nz.

© Michael Jeans | +64 27 496 3802 | galleries | michael@michaeljeans.co.nz

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

A reader reminds me that athletics meetings were held on Victoria Square – formerly known as the Government Acre – before the move to Athletic Park on the Greenbelt at the Hamilton Road (SH1) Vogal Street corner. As I recall running at least the one meeting on the square the move must have happened around 1960 when I was intermediate / middle school age – please correct me if I am wrong. Athletic Park is on the left as you slow for the 50k sign travelling into Cambridge from the north west on the Hamilton Cambridge road.

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Golf course hill Karapiro – Cambridge NZ

Mitchell family photo

Again from the Mitchell family, taken most probably by my Uncle Ted Mitchell. Has anyone any ideas about this event? The scan is taken from a 35 mm negative sized proof print. We are looking out across Cambridge Golf Course towards Cambridge. There appear to be five or six vehicles parked on the golf course hill on what is now SH1 / Tirau Road immediately east of Cambridge with a group of people standing in the mid foreground. A slip? a breakdown or accident? whatever it is appears to be receiving a lot of attention. There is a larger version here.

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From Karapiro Lodge

From Emanuels – Lake Karapiro Lodge at Piarere, above State Highway One – Tirau Road and the Waikato river/Lake Karapiro looking south west beyond Lake Karapiro to the foothills of Maungatautari at Pukekura, south of Cambridge and Leamington. This morning lodge owners Ann and Eddie Rompelberg hosted the monthly Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Network over Coffee at their beautiful home and luxury lodge.

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Speight Pearce Nicoll & Davys

Queen Street, Lake Street corner

The unique entrance, built in 1954, of hardware and building supply firm SPND (home now to Australian DIYer Bunnings) looks sad and neglected today its beauty fudged by an unappealing paint job, odd cladding and neglect. I must be a bit slow but it seems Bunnings is building a new warehouse on this corner. I have no idea whether the uniqueness will survive the rebuild.

I think I have this right. SPND became TTT (Taupo Totara Timber Company) then Benchmark and now Bunnings.

Light cones

Not quite sure what I was expecting. A wit has placed some of the numerous road safety cones about the Victoria Road SH1 Queen Street roundabout on the almost as numerous up lights. Nothing new about this. Just the scale of the installation. I couldn’t get what I wanted (one might say because of a lack of conceptual focus). Methinks not so much surreal as disneyesque. This I might add is the middle of the night timestamp 12:07AM. And it was cold.

What is Cambridge township?

I find the branding of Waipa problematical as it subverts the identity of our town. More so when that branding appropriates iconography clearly identifiable as Cambridge. Our Chamber of Commerce refers to Cambridge as a township. My current favourite is little big town which came, I think, from the visitor people. Confusion reigns.

Whether we like it or not Cambridge and Leamington combined, coupled with the escapees beyond the greenbelt, is fast approaching what in an earlier era would have been classed a city. We have a lovemark, the word Cambridge. All by itself.

Planning for the future in light of history, contemporary example, current sensitivities to climate, sustainability, transportation costs, even the advice of ‘experts’ etc etc is all good. But if we lose sight of what we are in a confusion of bureaucratic flagwaving and tourism speak we do ourselves a disservice.

State Highway One Hamilton Road Pukeroro at Racecourse and Hooker Roads on the border of two regional authorities Waikato and Waipa Districts at 8:11AM this Thursday the 10th of July 2008.

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Lytchgate St Andrew’s Cambridge

It is cold tonight – perhaps 4°C – but still. As is often the case, here in the central Waikato, we are sheltered from the worst excesses of the cold snap sweeping the country.

Above: The sodium lighting of SH1 Victoria Street, Cambridge casts the shadow of the lytchgate porch gable at the south eastern entrance to St Andrew’s Anglican Church this evening.

Cambridge information

Looking for information about Cambridge? Two websites vie for your attention. This one which has been around for some time and this recent arrival, of i-site fame, which features in the photo above. Both appear to carry a goodly range of information for the traveller. Then of course you can’t go past Cambridge Museum‘s site for a more in depth perspective of our town and surrounding area.

Today was all about trucks and I went to the SH1 Queen Street, Victoria Street intersection looking for a convoy. I was a bit on the late side. There were plenty of trucks of all shapes and sizes but all seemed to be gainfully employed.

Cambridge railway

A railway line lay here between 1884 and 1999. The Cambridge branch line joined the network at Ruakura and terminated at Lake Street beside Lake Te Koutu. Passing through Matangi, Bruntwood and Hautapu it offered passenger services until 1946. The line terminates at Fonterra Hautapu now – a freight only service. The truck to the left travels the last few metres of SH1B which leaves SH1 at Taupiri and links back into SH1 at the St Andrew’s Church corner just over my left shoulder. The coming of the Waikato Expressway, the demise of this railway line – things to ponder as the price of oil rises and today, Tuesday the 1st of July 2008, many celebrate the return to public ownership of ‘KiwiRail‘ after a decade and a half in private ownership.

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