Shakespeare Street surface failure

There has been much discussion around here, of late, about the state of Shakespeare Street. Shakespeare Street both north and south of the Leamington ‘commercial centre refurbishment contract’ is in a sad state. Significant parts of the late March early April 2009 surface application have failed. A bad batch of tar/bitumen? (I really have no idea). Aggregate wet when applied? (ditto) though this photo [2:34PM 23 March 2009] seems to suggests otherwise for the later.

This is what the northbound lane, just a little north of the above shot, looked like on Friday the 15th of May 2009. Apples and oranges I know – different lorry load of chip, different part of the pile – and in fact the south bound lane (top of picture) looks OK here. That is loose gravel/aggregate/chip in the bottom of the photo.

Same area on Monday morning the 18th of May 2009.

Council and contractor have set to work to sort out what went wrong with whatever metrics it is you use to decide such things. Folk with clip boards have come to look and record their observations. And the contractor has been busily removing the dislodged chip – cause of the most disagreeable aggravation – the noise.

Now, Shakespeare Street sees a constant flow of traffic, some of it heavy, – truck and trailer units including full milk tankers – day in and day out. 

I guess my question is; does the maintenance regime in place for Shakespeare Street match the usage it sustains? And secondly; is Shakespeare Street, and I use the above image taken this afternoon as illustration, correctly formed and structurally sound?

All the photos.

See here also. And just for good measure a full blow by blow coverage of Thursday 6th of November 2008.

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