Autumn leaf, Shakespeare Street, Leamington New Zealand

leaf image footpath Shakespeare Street Leamington 3432

Cambridge and Leamington (by association) and the fact it forms half of our town, has had the marketing byline Town of Trees for some time. It works. Yes, there is the addition but lets just stick with this for the moment. Most of the trees lining the streets, on both sides of the river, are exotics and deciduous so at this time of the year we have leaves – lots of leaves. This can be charming for five minutes. Today in blustery weather there are leaves blowing every which way and things have become rather messy and cluttered and, not to put too fine a point on it, rather dirty and dejected looking. Then you get this – the impression of a fallen leaf stained into the footpath here on Shakespeare Street, just south of the shops. It has the look of a prehistoric rock painting.

KFC Krushers full of real bitz!

A hedgehog story. An odd tap, tap, tapping. A rapid tap, tap, tapping. Sufficiently strange to draw me outside at four in the morning. Make sense of it? Armed cats? Early morning panel beating? No, the sound is coming from deep shadow not far off along the road. Movement? Crickets and katydids, the distant swish of cars on SH1. Closer, I see a hedgehog marching purposefully backwards and forwards its face stuck tragic-comically in a transparent KFC Krushers cup. The tapping as he bangs the cup on the asphalt. I try to remove the container but he sees me coming. I am successful the second time. More an observation than ‘story’ otherwise it will never see the light of day!

Talking of mailboxes; Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

Misplaced letterbox 59, Shakespeare Street, Leamington 3432, NZ 4/12/2010

It’s just a pity some folk find it necessary to disrupt the lives and peace of mind of their neighbours. OK, so in posting this I run the risk that someone will get a thrill because their handiwork has been noted and is on the Internet. Equally, I would hope a quiet word from one in the know along the lines that one’s free time might be more valuably spent could be a good outcome. It’s the small things.

Shakespeare Street surface failure ctd.

Melted tar Shakespeare Street NZ

Melted tar Shakespeare Street NZ

It’s at its worst between Moore and Arnold right outside Cee Jaes Dairy (which incidentally just happens to have it’s very own Bebo fan page). The tar left exposed by the May 2009 failure of the then recently applied road surface has melted big time (28 – 30C air temp). It is very messy!

Update 1600 10 December 2009: From WDC: ‘our contractor has scheduled remedial work on this site for tomorrow

This may be useful.

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