Road works

Laying bitumen, Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

Laying aggregate, Shakespeare Street, Leamington, NZ

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Edited: 8/11/2008 21:14

Of structure v aesthetics and things that go bump in the night or why did we get a makeover when there are more pressing roading issues in need of attention?

This is purely anecdotal and I certainly don’t have any of the facts in front of me.

Shakespeare Street faired poorly during this past past winter. At one stage there were potholes galore. These have been patched. Like many streets Shakespeare has a rather patch work look and feel about it.

In my experience there are two major problems (there may well be others) in Shakespeare Street.

Lets assume that Shakespeare runs north south (which it roughtly does).

There is a structural problem immediately south of the intersection with Campbell (opposite BP). I am not sure what the problem is but it appears to involve water. Ground water or not it seems strange that this has not been addressed.

Closer to home just south of the intersection with Noel there is a fundamental design flaw in the road which has (empty) Fonterra truck and trailer units – along with others – rattling the foundations of the houses around about day and night.

Both are structural issues. So why is it that a couple of seemingly OK pieces of roading have been resealed?

Update 12:42 09/11/2008: Corrected a couple of typos.

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