Search box error

One of those things. I am showing off the marvel that is a dynamic website and am confronted with a search box problem. Multiple renditions of the same post are being returned with some search queries. I have done a little testing and it seems to happen when there are more than twenty or so instances of a particular search item. As usual I wonder if it is something I have overlooked. In my defence I had not noticed it before installing WP2.6 but then again I use the search function infrequently. It does not appear to be occurring with tag or category searches using the tag cloud or the place and month drop downs. Mmm. I am not receiving any error messages database or otherwise – so it remains one of those little WordPress mysteries for the time being.

Update 15/10/2008 Note to self. The above is redundant with the move from (self hosting) to Well in a sense. It is still possible, I am sure, to create multiple entries of the same post. I have to admit it was me that caused the problem. Something to do with the auto save function when used repeatedly in editing a post. I think the record was 9 copies of one entry.

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