What’s happening here right now?

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Zenfolio slideshow

Last Friday, the 26th of June 2009, Zenfolio the image storage facility I use was upgraded to include an embed slideshow function. Great, it works really well – but as this site is hosted by WordPress.com I can’t just pop the code straight into a post. So for those who wish to know such things it goes Zenfolio > VopPod > WordPress. If you want to know more – it is fairly straight forward – email me – michael AT michaeljeans.co.nz and I will explain further. Or you could read this. This slideshow is of images from this blog dating back from June 2008 – posts which are gradually being recovered and republished as time allows.

From typewriter to digital whiteboard

Twenty-Five or so years ago when my Mum – Phyllis Jeans – gathered the material for Centenary 100 Years of Education in the Taotaoroa Whitehall Karapiro Districts. 1885 – 1985 [ISBN 0-473-00307-4] the manuscript was typed (by Lesley Sewell) and set again for the printing presses at Cambridge Independent. We on the other hand have access to all the current digital tools enabling us to share and edit documents from home – view them online at meetings and share much more readily and rapidly to a greater audience the fruits of our research and planning. Above the Karapiro, Whitehall, Taotaoroa and Karapiro Hydro Schools’ 125th Jubilee committee meets at Karapiro School this Thursday evening the 4th of June 2009. The 125th Jubilee is being held in September 2010.

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I have spent time over the past few days establishing links between both sites. Searching my archive should become as rich as searching here over time. Just shaping the archive into something that is simple and intuitive is a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the basics are there. WordPress 2.7 made it’s appearencce at 2PM this afternoon. The new dashboard is all is very flash and functional. As is usual with WordPress upgrades, particularly when familiar with all the bells and whistles, the improvements are a delight.