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There are no surprises about these percentages. Internet Explorer accounts for 57% of browsers used to visit my website. Though, as noted elsewhere, folk still using IE6 will not see the website as intended. Upgrade! Safari comes in at 25%, Firefox at 13% with Opera at 2%. I have recently returned to Opera (10) and find it is excellent. My favourites are in inverse order to these stats. Opera, Safari and Chrome (which surprisingly does not figure – perhaps it is bundled in with Safari – a close relative) are all great. Firefox, I haven’t been so happy with recently and I really do steer away from IE. And that’s about it. Funny old world.

Back to tables

This week I resorted to building an html table (css not an option) for a project. Having laboured with the absolute logic of said construction (simple when you know how) I just can’t seem to let it go – so here it is – the shortened version. The trick, of course, is using percentages not absolute values. This may have a use – I like it enough to consider it as a navigation tool here. Though some design subtlety wouldn’t go amiss.

Safari browsing

Apologies to Safari users who’ve been unable to my view recent video embeds. I think I’ve solved the problem – though can’t work out why it should have been happening. Is it an address thing (michaeljeans.co.nz v http://www.michaeljeans.co.nz)? I don’t think so – any ideas? It is definitely an issue at the Vimeo server end – I have over ridden the embed at this / these domain(s) only with a global setting for the time being – beyond that I’m a bit lost.

Housekeeping 3/5/2010 – the missing sidebar

The right hand and narrower column (also known as the sidebar) serves navigation in a variety of forms – the most useful being recent entries, a search function, site map and search by month drop down along with links to useful and interesting places (IMHO) on this and other websites. So, to continue the story, I sat down at a machine this morning (XP / IE6) brought up my site only to find no sidebar – I can appreciate this is rather off putting if you are a first time visitor. My problem I guess – but I have only one answer – upgrade to the latest version of your browser – and there are other advantages to this – security for one. BTW the ten entries on my front page are there with the sidebar underneath – just scroll down – annoying, but at least you know.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce profile 14/3/2010

Michael Jeans has been a professional photographer for three decades. Wedding, portraiture and events photography have been the mainstays of Michael’s business while he has continued a passionate lifelong interest in what he calls ‘contemporary history photography’ – recording the people the places and events about him. http://www.michaeljeans.co.nz Michael’s website/blog has just celebrated it’s 1100th posting and has a treasure trove of over 450 Cambridge items – quite apart from those about Leamington, Lake Karapiro and other local subjects and stories – a permanent online record of the vibrancy and beauty of our place on call 24 hours a day! Michael works closely with Chamber member and photographer Dianna Spitalny of Hot Shots To Go in Duke Street.

Michael Jeans Day galleries

The galleries on my server are filed by date in a tree structure similar to that found on your computer. If you know the month and date – click away. The server (michaeljeans.com) search function is somewhat compromised by laziness on my part – something I am trying to rectify as I go and things will improve with time. Another way to find an event is to return to my home page (michaeljeans.co.nz) and use the search function down here on the right which should return a result. Armed with the date of the posting you can return to the Day galleries and dig down to that day. Failing that go to my contact page and email me.

Tracking visitors

We are trying to work out what Google is up to. I’m trying to understand page ranking as distinct from page indexing. It’s a bit of a mystery. The past fifteen months has seen a steady climb in daily visitor numbers here and to another site for which I am responsible. A few days ago the other site hit a blip – a sudden dive in visitor numbers. A quick look around confirms that while Google continues to index the other site (2000+ for Google and 1000+ with Yahoo – similar numbers to mine) page rankings enjoyed over the past six months have all but disappeared. We have a number of theories and intend to workshop the issue with an SEO expert tomorrow morning. I monitor both sites with the page view info that comes with WordPress.com and with Site Meter. Today I embedded FEEDJIT Live which tracks current visitors, into my sidebar. If you click the image above you can watch it in action. All of which tells me all I really need to know about visitors but little about how to maintain and indeed increase visitor numbers. Both sites are updated regularly (at least four times a week) and feature almost exclusively, original material. As always there is much to learn.

What’s happening here right now?

The Most Recent list, in the right column records my fifteen newest articles/posts. Below in Most Popular are those articles currently receiving most visitor attention. The Waipa Business Awards held last Friday remain close to top – any queries about these photos – or anything else here please email me using the contact page .Continue reading “What’s happening here right now?”

Server maintenance

Zenfolio host of my gallery and archive MichaelJeans.com is conducting maintenance for the next five hours – access will be limited or nonexistent. MichaelJeans.com also serves image files to MichaelJeans.co.nz – so expect to see lots of blank spaces here until 2300 10/04/2009 NZST.