20 Things I learned About The Internet

This is a really good reference.

A fun guidebook from Google on things you’ve always wanted to know about browsers & the web (but were afraid to ask).

20 Things I learned About The Internet

A helpful place to start is near the Very Beginning: 1974. That was the year that a few smart computer researchers invented something called the Internet Protocol Suite, TCP/IP for short. TCP/IP created a set of rules that allowed computers to “talk” to each other and send information back and forth.

20 Things I learned About The Internet

michaeljeans.co.nz Twitter and WordPress looping

Screen grab 2010-10-28-2357

There is a bit of catching up going on here – working back in time. The self inflicted hiccup is yet to be repaired – hopefully during today. There is quite a bit of recent material in the pipeline – so do come back when you have a moment. The latest WordPress.COM innovation is the live tweet embed shown below.

Not again! I have deleted the October folder from my server

This is a major, and I still can’t believe I could be so stupid but, I have deleted the entire October 2010 folder on my server. I did the same thing – on a much smaller scale – a couple of days ago. I thought I had learned my lesson but no. So no tears – I must admit I was tempted.  Many apologies – the images will be reinstated as quickly as possible.

Self inflicted image server fail!

The broken links scattered back through this past month’s entries is entirely my fault. I deleted an entire server folder last night. A new experience and not something I’m rushing to repeat.  Normal viewing will return gradually during the day. Also; while here – please note – my image server will be down or intermittent between Friday the 5th November 17:00 and Saturday the 6th November 01:00 NZDT for regular maintenance.

michaeljeans.co.nz | michaeljeans.com following the stats.

Screen grab 2010-10-28-2357

One of the things one does, when blogging, is to watch the incoming stats. This does become a bit of an obsession. I use the inbuilt WordPress.COM stats which shows page views, made public as above, set when I moved to this platform in September 2008. Also public is Sitemeter (which shows both unique visitor numbers and page views along with a whole bunch of other stuff) going back 12 months and the fun FEEDJIT Live which displays visitors in real time along with the page/post they landed on. In terms of staying on top of my game the visitor search terms revealed in the WP.COM stats influence my use of tags and categories and to some extent the titles I use for new posts and the SEO friendly excerpts that compliment them. Lastly we have this which is a list of NZ based blogs (those with public stats.) that can, at the best of times, be a bit flaky – which, at the time of writing 1102 3/11/2010, is showing no data. If you look here the monthly aggregation of this data has me at 61 out of about 230. I first appear on this list in May 2010; 63rd of 163 then June 2010; 46/186, July 2010; 68/198, August 2010; 74/214, September 2010; 69/227 and again October at 61/226. All this suggests that folk are visiting specific subject posts – those indexed by Google (c/w michaeljeans.com) – and that I have a modest daily following. Nice!

*michaeljeans.co.nz 2010-11-03-1122 About 5,900 results (0.13 seconds)
**michaeljeans.com 2010-11-03-1122 About 3,320 results (0.12 seconds)

Michael Jeans +64 27 496 3802 michael@michaeljeans.co.nz michaeljeans.co.nz

Michael Jeans +64 27 496 3802 michael@michaeljeans.co.nz michaeljeans.co.nz

I was born in Cambridge and grew up at Whitehall. Went to Whitehall School, Cambridge High, Massey and Waikato Universities. I live in Leamington – the southern half of Cambridge – on the western banks of the Waikato River. I have been making photographs for four and a half decades for enjoyment and livelihood. I have blogged since 2004. I make and maintain a handful of websites for others.

My online presence MichaelJeans.co.nz began life in 1998 – showcasing my photography. Latterly it has evolved into a journal (something I have kept much of my life alongside the photographs – and some video – of people and places made along the way). My weblog is currently complete from July 2008. Archive material is added as time allows. My website has a significant though not exclusive Cambridge New Zealand focus.

Published: 27/11/2010

Google stats. – yeah well!!

Idle curiosity, on my part, as michaeljeans.co.nz lurches toward 50,000 page views in 19 months. Here are the page rankings (Google) of selected Cambridge NZ related and / or based websites (a stab in the dark guestimation – there are somewhere between 500 – 1,000 ‘Cambridge NZ’ websites – probably closer to the lower number).

  • ew.govt.nz | Google PR 6 | Google index 7210 | Age 11/5/2000
  • waipadc.govt.nz | Google PR 5 | Google index 2110 | Age 1/3/2000
  • cambridge.co.nz | Google PR 5 | Google index 180 | Age 6/12/1998
  • stpeters.school.nz | Google PR 5 | Google index 243 | Age 28/11/2000
  • quoteunquotenz.blogspot.com | Google PR 5 | Google index 269 | Age n/a (at least 10 I think)
  • cambridgemuseum.org.nz | Google PR 4 | Google index 349 | Age 12/12/2002
  • shoof.co.nz | Google PR 4 | Google index 157 | Age 20/5/2000
  • michaeljeans.co.nz | Google PR 2 | Google index 839 | Age 30/8/2000
  • accommodationcambridge.co.nz | Google PR 2 | Google index 109 | Age n/a (3 – 4 I think?)
  • yourcambridgenews.com | Google PR 2 | Google Index 7 | Age n/a (< 2)
  • quemagazine.co.nz | Google PR 2 | Google Index 8 | Age n/a (< 1)
  • cambridgerealestate.net.nz | Google PR 1 | Google index 283 | Age 28/2/1989

Tracking Google stats., for a variety of reasons, is both frustrating and, well, more frustrating – I’ve been following Cambridge’s internet profile for some time – but what it really, really means I truly have few ideas.

That Environment Waikato‘s site is the most SOE friendly is of no surprise. No surprise, also, for one of the lowest ranking; Your Cambridge News which is almost completely PDF based and essentially invisible to Google. Que‘s site while most probably well engineered does not feature enough unique material to rank. But then I can’t explain Cambridge Real Estate at all as Google Alerts delivers listings almost daily, from this site, depending upon the configuration used.

Looks like WordPress.COM does SOE better than Google’s own Blogspot platform as Stephen’s blog has a much higher profile than mine.

Cambridge Museum publishes its visitor figures; the most recent being for March 2010 (3491 visitors with 41,226 page views) – michaeljeans.co.nz for the same period (1500 and 2500) – so no comparison really. But, and this is the bit I fail to grasp fully, in this admittedly biased and skewed ‘sample’ I come in 3rd in terms of page indexing – though it is page indexing I am looking for.

My mission (obsession?) to put Cambridge NZ stories (OK, so most of my stories are photographs) on the web stands at: Cambridge (485), Lake Karapiro (109), Leamington (197) not to mention other Cambridge catchment related material (800+ pages). In early 2010 I’ve temporarily eased off Cambridge (as I work on other projects). BTW my website also has a significant Taranaki focus and a recent spike in traffic is related to the recent women’s surfing tour – something I have had absolutely nothing to do with – and photographs I published 15 months ago. If you are interested the most popular list down the right hand side of my site gives you a quick snapshot of what is currently popular here.

So what am I saying? I’m saying the slog – and it has at times been a huge slog – to provide variety and depth to the Cambridge ‘stories’ permanently available on the web is evolving – but slowly. My score ‘Could do better’.

BTW my website costs are approximately $1300 a year – (breakdown: website including domain name $50 pa, image server $170 pa, video server $100 pa, broadband $960 pa (250GB). Content: priceless :) I dare not think!!

Everything is hosted in California.

If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear.

Notes Google PR 0 = not good, 10 = best. SOE = Search Engine Optimised / Optimisation. For the purposes of this discussion I am completely ignoring website linking – which I currently do not pursue.

Server upgrade

Note: Most images published here will be unavailable shortly and until about 1AM tomorrow morning, Saturday, 06/03/2010. This is to allow for upgrade and maintenance work on my image server. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Zenfolio slideshow

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Zenfolio slideshow“, posted with vodpod

Last Friday, the 26th of June 2009, Zenfolio the image storage facility I use was upgraded to include an embed slideshow function. Great, it works really well – but as this site is hosted by WordPress.com I can’t just pop the code straight into a post. So for those who wish to know such things it goes Zenfolio > VopPod > WordPress. If you want to know more – it is fairly straight forward – email me – michael AT michaeljeans.co.nz and I will explain further. Or you could read this. This slideshow is of images from this blog dating back from June 2008 – posts which are gradually being recovered and republished as time allows.

PS If you do want to sign up to Zenfolio quote this HSU-YMW-KNV and you will (me too) receive a small discount.

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Some changes

Good Friday’s upgrade of Zenfolio.com allows me to dispense with my gallery homepage. MichaelJeans.co.nz and MichaelJeans.com homepages are now one and the same. This allows closer integration of my blog and gallery. It is a work in progress and in the short term some links may return you to the blog rather than taking you to the gallery page you were expecting to find. I think I have it fairly well covered. Apologies if you do find yourself going around in circles. This won’t last long. The change should make seemless what is already in place.  

BTW. If you wish to invest in a Zenfolio Account you can receive a modest discount (while crediting a matching amount to my account) by using my Zenfolio Referral Code: HSU-YMW-KNV when you sign up.

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Theme change

Original WordPress.com theme September - November 2008

Much as I like the old theme I take the point that you can take minimalism a bit too far. The new theme is OK, not exactly what I would prefer, but you can now navigate around the site with ease. I haven’t included a search box or archive menu but they may come shortly. And the tags and categories need editing to make them more useful.

About my blog

My website is a decade old this (southern) spring. It exists primarily to showcase my photography. Photography is my livelihood. I have blogged off and on since 2004 alongside other projects notably this and this. On the 21st of September 2008 I moved from a self maintained WordPress.org software site to the comfort of WordPress.com. The reason is covered briefly here, here, here and here.
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Normal service will resume

I have moved servers. Not quite in the sequence I had planned. Everything from the old server will be moved across as time allows.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

To contact me use michael@michaeljeans.co.nz.

If that doesn’t work try michaeljeans@gmail.com which will.

(Sorry, cut and paste).

My telphone number is 027 496 3803.

Web hosting

As regular visitors may be aware my site crashed about ten days ago. This experience has had me rethinking my hosting options. I have decided to make a move. This will probably take two to three weeks to research, plan and carry out.

In the meantime I am not going to publish any new posts. I will resume after the change over.

When I have a beta version of the new site running I will direct you to it as it will feature some new stuff. Both sites will combine at the change over.

My web address will not change.

If you wish to email me please use my backup email address michaeljeans*AT*gmail.com as my main email may suffer some outages along the way.

Note: If you are looking for photos of the start of the Cambridge Hamilton Kayak and Cruise (14/09/08) please email me.


As noted elsewhere viewing the ‘lighbox’ gallery can be a bit of a problem with Internet Explorer. This is what should happen. In the screenshot above the cursor arrow sits on the first thumbnail (you can choose any thumbnail). Clicking on the thumbnail results in the full sized image appearing above the page (as below). To activate the built in slideshow click on the right hand icon down on the left under the large image. Alternatively you can click through the images one by one – there are back and forward buttons beside the slideshow icon and on each side of the large image itself – run your mouse about until you find them. With Firefox and Safari this works fine even on fairly slow dialup as long as you wait for the thumbnails to load before trying to view the large versions. If you have any queries email me michael@michaeljeans.co.nz. Full coverage of the parade on Friday (29/08/08) can be viewed at Hot Shots To Go, 64a Victoria Street, Cambridge. Just pop in and ask.

Note 04/10/08 This advice is for the pre September 2008 website and currently redundant. I have yet to sort out inserting thumbnail galleries into the new regime.

Search box error

One of those things. I am showing off the marvel that is a dynamic website and am confronted with a search box problem. Multiple renditions of the same post are being returned with some search queries. I have done a little testing and it seems to happen when there are more than twenty or so instances of a particular search item. As usual I wonder if it is something I have overlooked. In my defence I had not noticed it before installing WP2.6 but then again I use the search function infrequently. It does not appear to be occurring with tag or category searches using the tag cloud or the place and month drop downs. Mmm. I am not receiving any error messages database or otherwise – so it remains one of those little WordPress mysteries for the time being.

Update 15/10/2008 Note to self. The above is redundant with the move from WP.org (self hosting) to WP.com. Well in a sense. It is still possible, I am sure, to create multiple entries of the same post. I have to admit it was me that caused the problem. Something to do with the auto save function when used repeatedly in editing a post. I think the record was 9 copies of one entry.


I am getting a significant number of 404 error reports from IE 6, 7 and 8 which, in my current headspace, I cannot resolve. Most*, if not all, are the result of ‘lightbox’ requests. I apologise, I will try and work out how to resolve this when I get a chance (which means it is not a high priority just at the moment). If you want to see my site error free employ Firefox – it doesn’t hurt a bit – and you will love it once you get to know it. There is a brief explanation of the lightbox function in the note at the bottom of this post.

* There are also approximately fifteen postings littered about the site which lack the correct connection to their image. The result of a stuff up I made some time ago. If you click on one of these it would be great if you could drop me a line – michael@michaeljeans.co.nz – and I will repair it.

This is my 401th posting.

WordPress 2.5

In the 30 or so hours that WP 2.5 has been available I have installed six copies. All good until I discover that the gallery plugin is broken and have to wait overnight for it to be updated.

All is well now.. I think; I have yet to check everything.

In the meantime 50,000 copies of the software were downloaded.

(WordPress 2.5 has been downloaded: 46,370 10:20 30 March 2008)

(WordPress 2.5 has been downloaded: 96,915 13:43 31 March 2008)

If you want to watch paint dry go here.