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What is Cambridge township?

I find the branding of Waipa problematical as it subverts the identity of our town. More so when that branding appropriates iconography clearly identifiable as Cambridge. Our Chamber of Commerce refers to Cambridge as a township. My current favourite is little big town which came, I think, from the visitor people. Confusion reigns.

Whether we like it or not Cambridge and Leamington combined, coupled with the escapees beyond the greenbelt, is fast approaching what in an earlier era would have been classed a city. We have a lovemark, the word Cambridge. All by itself.

Planning for the future in light of history, contemporary example, current sensitivities to climate, sustainability, transportation costs, even the advice of ‘experts’ etc etc is all good. But if we lose sight of what we are in a confusion of bureaucratic flagwaving and tourism speak we do ourselves a disservice.

State Highway One Hamilton Road Pukeroro at Racecourse and Hooker Roads on the border of two regional authorities Waikato and Waipa Districts at 8:11AM this Thursday the 10th of July 2008.

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