Cambridge NZ

The white church on the corner St Andrews Church Cambridge NZ

St Andrews Church corner on SH1 Cambridge NZ

SH1 Hamilton Road | Victoria Street Cambridge New Zealand
SH1 Hamilton Road | Victoria Street Cambridge New Zealand

For travelers a spot along State Highway 1 that has been enjoyed, and recalled, for yonks – perhaps as long as there has been a SH1 and a large wooden church on this corner. When diverted through San Fransisco, years ago, I was off the plane first not wanting to miss my connecting flight to LA. Showing my passport I got ‘my wife and I travel to New Zealand regularly we love the white church on the corner in Cambridge‘. Cool. Perhaps it is the only image that springs to mind when others think of our place; Cambridge, the largest of the Waikato towns bar the city of Hamilton. And this the very same verge where family and friends gathered before celebrating my parents’ wedding in St Andrews Anglican Church 66 years ago. State Highway 1 no longer, from Tuesday, with the opening of the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway 2.4km to the north.

19 October 2015

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