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Michael Jeans … in your face watermarking

The 'Kelly' watermark had it's first outing in mid November 2015
The ‘kelly’ watermark had it’s first outing in mid November 2015

The ‘watermark’ you now see on all my photographs has been a long time coming. 2015, a time of much photography but little publishing, has offered me a clearer understanding of what I’m actually doing by publishing my work. Photography, for me, is both craft and art (as well as income). I guess this seems pretty obvious. The craft; the discipline, has been hard won over time and produces some really cool stuff – even though I say so. The art, well, you can behold or not as is your choice. I enjoy being paid. Named for a photographer friend this watermark has a top, middle and a bottom version. One set for online generation, automatically, across my galleries and a Lightroom set generated on export for ‘loose’ proofs. Some special folk have played their part, knowingly or unknowingly, in both the design and thinking behind it. Thank you. Simply put my watermark addresses authorship & ownership, especially now within the cascade of images created daily, and is a clear statement of the value I place on my work.

Thanks to Kelly & Trefor et al. | Waikato Vintage Swapmeet Lake Karapiro Domain 15/11/15

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