2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival | Lake

2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

I walked into an oddly quiet Hamilton Gardens at 6:30 this evening. There was something just a little austere about the whole place; the parking (well that was fine – sharp and efficient), the docents or whatever with their walkie talkies – the un-festive stretches of ugly chain link fencing. I had expected the place to be humming (or buzzing?) and connected, I suppose – it was quite the opposite. A little scout around revealed; folk gathering for Shakespeare by the river (in an area unfamiliar to me), the sound of performance from the Italian garden, preparations for a lake side concert and random folk and families here and about. I came to video Chris and Stan play before the screening of Casablanca in the Rogers Rose Garden. I guess there were 2 – 300 folk there by the time I had completed my task. Pretty sure the performance by the lake is called Unfinished Business.

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