2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival | Lake

2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

I walked into an oddly quiet Hamilton Gardens at 6:30 this evening. There was something just a little austere about the whole place; the parking (well that was fine – sharp and efficient), the docents or whatever with their walkie talkies – the un-festive stretches of ugly chain link fencing. I had expected the place to be humming (or buzzing?) and connected, I suppose – it was quite the opposite. A little scout around revealed; folk gathering for Shakespeare by the river (in an area unfamiliar to me), the sound of performance from the Italian garden, preparations for a lake side concert and random folk and families here and about. I came to video Chris and Stan play before the screening of Casablanca in the Rogers Rose Garden. I guess there were 2 – 300 folk there by the time I had completed my task. Pretty sure the performance by the lake is called Unfinished Business.

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Tikorangi Notes: Monday 6 June, 2011

Alas Mark found the first instance of camellia petal blight today – in a japonica. It seems to appear earlier every year. We have never seen it in sasanquas and I was a little surprised this week to hear of claims that in warmer climates, sasanqua camellias are susceptible. We would really like to hear confirmation from anybody who has actually seen it in sasanquas (as opposed to having heard reports of it). We had thought that these Japanese camellias were resistant. Blight has certainly never shown in ours and we are reasonably eagle-eyed on the matter.

Tikorangi The Jury Garden | Abbie Jury

Abbie Jury: Ficus antiarus, rare plants

Ficus antiarus, rare plants and why only one plant in our garden is clearly named

It is Ficus antiarus and it is the most asked about plant in our garden. We used to propagate a few but we realised that while everybody wanted to know what it was, nobody wanted to buy it.

Abbie’s column: AbbieJury.co.nz 3/12/2010

Abbie Jury | A hot, dry autumn in Spain and Portugal

Abbie has just returned from a trip through Spain and Portugal.

The olive plantations looked to be corporate farming, much as our dairy farming is headed. The era of the small family farm appeared to be over in much of the countryside that we passed through. Often there were no residences visible for considerable distances and no indications of boundaries to suggest the smaller holdings of old. It was interesting to reflect on the debate at home regarding lifestylers populating our countryside. We had been discussing it before I left and came to the conclusion that, on balance, small holdings and lifestyle blocks add a welcome diversity to the countryside.

The ubiquitous date palm was everywhere in the south of Spain and Portugal Clipping the street plantings of orange trees to lollipops in Cordoba The cordyline australis had seen better days on the Algarve but had done well at some stage to reach this size

Photos: Abbie Jury | read Abbie’s column

Ephemeral whimsy in willow at Wisley

Photo Abbie Jury

From what I can see from his list, Rangitikei artist Steuart Welch from Cannock Forge is bringing to us pieces from both ends of the spectrum – big bold statement pieces which require a truck to move and some which represent the whimsical aspect of his nature. We are really looking forward to seeing the effect of placing such strong pieces in our garden and learning first hand how to tread that line between enhancing a vision and dominating it. The works will remain in place throughout our Rhododendron Festival until the second week of November.

Abbie Jury: Sculpture in the garden

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More a murky khaki than clean and green

Most of us accept clean and green as a statement of fact for New Zealand. A clean atmosphere, yes. Overall, we enjoy what must be some of the cleanest and freshest air in the world. But once you hit ground level, it is a different story. Yes, some people are extremely clean and green, but others, and they are large in number, could not care less.

Photograph: Abbie Jury
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Jury Camellias

Volunteer (chance seedling) This release volunteered itself and seemed appropriate to name for the International Year of Volunteering 2001. Distinctive flowers open soft pink with white edging, deepening throughout the season to dark pink, still with the white edge until the late flowers which may be pure red. Heavy textured full anemone form. Dark foliage and compact growth to 2m. Plant Variety Rights apply in New Zealand and Australia.

I have been here for two days working off and on this and other jury.co.nz projects.

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English summer gardens

Mark and Abbie Jury head for English summer gardens:

A couple of weeks of non stop garden visiting may not be everyone’s cup of tea but two heads are better than one and we hope to return inspired with new ideas. One thing is for sure though. When you are travelling across the world, it certainly helps to have good advisors who are switched on to what you want to see. We don’t have time to spend looking at very average gardens or queuing for tourist attractions. We are after hard-core gardening and hard-core gardeners.

Read the full article here: In Search Of Summer Gardens

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The Trons at Hamilton Gardens

The anticipation, the excitement – the music. It’s been a busy week for Hamilton band The Trons. In Wellington for the Fringe and Webstock and now today at Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival (four performances). The Trons next perform on Sunday the 1st of March at Waikato Museum of Art and History Open Day – at noon.

More Links:  New Zealand Fringe Festival page. The Trons very own soon to be website. The Trons Wipipedia entry. BTW seems the museum website is down as well.

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