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Cambridge Antiques Cricket Club

Cambridge Antiques Cricket Club

Cambridge Antiques Cricket Club

Cambridge Antiques Cricket Club, Victoria Square, Cambridge New Zealand.

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Hi, my flatmate and I are looking to play some semi casual cricket this summer. I realize we are a little late in showing interest but it has only come about due to our close proximity to the cambridge highschool nets, we have discovered we actually quite like it. we have tried to contact the business house cricket people to no avail. If you have any information on our best option or a contact to someone that could help us out that would be awesome, thanks. ( we are 24 and 27 so junior cricket is not an option )

Stephen my only contact with Cambridge Cricket is through the Cambridge Antiques team who play Golden Oldies Cricket. If you contact Brian Jonasson a member of this team on 827 8080 (business hours) I am sure he will be able to point you in the right direction! Cheers


Sir, Thank you for your comment unfortunately I do not allow advertising in my comment streams. cheers Michael Jeans

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