Park House fire Cambridge, New Zealand | Jason Tregurtha

Park House Cambridge New Zealand

Sad. Park House, on Queen Street opposite Victoria Square (beside the Shell service station on the SH1 Victoria Street & Queen Street roundabout Cambridge, New Zealand), built in 1928, and originally a private hotel, was destroyed by fire this afternoon. Guest photographer: Jason Tregurtha. Here are some recent photographs of this beautiful 625 square metre home – also taken by Jason.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – cricket on Victoria Square

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Cricket on Victoria Square, Cambridge, New Zealand
No, not today – but a common enough sight during the summer months. Victoria Square (dare I say it opposite the KFC roundabout on SH1) is home to Cambridge Cricket ClubCambridge Farmers’ Market and heaps of other activities and events – formal and informal. Yet another great spot for a picnic or just a quick cup of tea and a comfort stop. If you’re travelling through or are one of those folk who is always meaning to have a look around Cambridge – ease out of the traffic, park somewhere around the edge of the square and come on in for a wander around town. Photo taken Waitangi Day – 6 February 2010.

Waipa District Council Local Elections 2010 Cambridge Ward

Judy Bannon one of 12 candidates for the 4 Cambridge Ward seats

Twelve candidates; four positions. This is hard work. The audience filling Cambridge Baptist Church this Sunday afternoon is great – though, I do feel one or two of the questions from the floor are set pieces. I think it is candidate Michael Blake who makes the comment or perhaps this should read plea – obviously not aimed at those in attendance – to get out and vote and encourage others to do the same – well, stay in and vote as this is a postal ballot. I’m all for this. The Waipa District Council Election Statistics are not good.

I have a rough idea what Future Proof is; a ‘vision’ with a website (which you or I can consult if it takes our fancy – but no idea what Shore Features is. Any ideas?

I am posting this now – 10:00 20/9/2010 (I will be adding some thoughts about the candidates and issues soonish).

Photo: The speaker is Judy Bannon one of the 12 Candidates offering their services for the 4 positions for the Cambridge Ward of the Waipa District Council.

Cambridge NZ Local Elections 2010 Waipa mayoralty

Alan Livingston and Peter Lee

Waipa District Mayor Alan Livingston and Peter Lee Waipa District Deputy Mayor, both candidates in Local Elections 2010 for Mayor of Waipa District, wait to speak this afternoon, Sunday, the 19th of September 2010 at Cambridge Grey Power Meet the Candidates at Cambridge Baptist Church, Queen Street, New Zealand. There are four candidates standing for Waipa mayor in the 2010 election. Alan Livingston and Peter Lee were joined by candidate Steve Baron. Candidate James Parlane did not attend the meeting.

Update 10/10/2010: Preliminary results.

Speight Pearce Nicoll & Davys

Queen Street, Lake Street corner

The unique entrance, built in 1954, of hardware and building supply firm SPND (home now to Australian DIYer Bunnings) looks sad and neglected today its beauty fudged by an unappealing paint job, odd cladding and neglect. I must be a bit slow but it seems Bunnings is building a new warehouse on this corner. I have no idea whether the uniqueness will survive the rebuild.

I think I have this right. SPND became TTT (Taupo Totara Timber Company) then Benchmark and now Bunnings.

Taupo Electorate meet the candidates

Barbara Stewart, NZ First list MP answers a question from the floor at Cambridge Baptist Church, Queen Street, Cambridge, this afternoon, Sunday the 18th of October 2008.

Six political parties and one independent were represented at the meet the candidate event hosted by Cambridge Grey Power.

Present were candidates Mark Burton, Robbie Mac, Louise Upston and representing their parties Wendy Harper, John Pemberton, Barbara Stewart, and Judy Turner.

(I hope I have the above correct).

Light cones

Not quite sure what I was expecting. A wit has placed some of the numerous road safety cones about the Victoria Road SH1 Queen Street roundabout on the almost as numerous up lights. Nothing new about this. Just the scale of the installation. I couldn’t get what I wanted (one might say because of a lack of conceptual focus). Methinks not so much surreal as disneyesque. This I might add is the middle of the night timestamp 12:07AM. And it was cold.

Cambridge information

Looking for information about Cambridge? Two websites vie for your attention. This one which has been around for some time and this recent arrival, of i-site fame, which features in the photo above. Both appear to carry a goodly range of information for the traveller. Then of course you can’t go past Cambridge Museum‘s site for a more in depth perspective of our town and surrounding area.

Today was all about trucks and I went to the SH1 Queen Street, Victoria Street intersection looking for a convoy. I was a bit on the late side. There were plenty of trucks of all shapes and sizes but all seemed to be gainfully employed.