2 thoughts on “Kathy and Max just now

  1. Pete


    The URL of your post for folk who may wish to follow up:

    and mine:

    Yes, I should know the history of this building and recall thinking so at the time – one of the books mentioned here may hold the information:

    I use Google for research – if nothing tuns up I tend to leave it – there is only so much time …


  2. Great photos and an interesting site. Great to see good local content! I have just posted a photo on my blog of a church in Victoria St, Hamilton and was trying to find out more about it on Google and your photo came up in my search. I see you had no luck discovering it’s connections either. Like you I assume it has something to do with the cathedral :) Anyway nice to look through your site and I’ll call back from time to time. All the best…


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