Shakespeare Street cherry trees August 2013

Cherry avenue, Shakespeare Street, Leamington 3432

Cherry avenue, Shakespeare Street, Leamington 3432

Time exposure (30 seconds / f11 / iso 100) just after dusk. The cherry avenue at the southern end of Shakespeare Street Leamington New Zealand.

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Exotic Leamington New Zealand 1

corner Noel and Burns Street Leamington New Zealand

Labour party hoarding, corner Noel and Burns Street, Leamington, Cambridge, New Zealand.

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Magnolia Noel Street Leamington New Zealand

Magnolia bloom

Magnolia Iolanthe. Frost damaged I am reliably informed! I’m experimenting with selective focus – not something I am overly used to. The design / arrangement of  the out of focus branches and blooms are of interest to me here.

One misplaced Waipa District recycle bin

Lurking about the corner of Noel and Shakespeare for the past three or four days. It has just the one character on its address panel ‘2’. A bit of the travelling gnomes. If you know whose it is text or email me so it can be returned.

One lost recycle bin One lost recycle bin

Reflecting on where I’ve been

Mainstream Freight Group

Over the past sixty days I’ve been developing the Cambridge New Zealand website among other things. One of the selfish intentions of the project is to pull my own blog/website away from an at times relentless focus on my town (it’s been my town all my life) and spread my attention back to the varied and the random which have always been at the core of my image making. Not that I won’t continue to photograph here – it’s where I am.

So, beginning now and breaking with almost five years of tradition – here, I’m going to publish a series of images which have been neglected, overlooked or ignored. To kick off – I had to have a little chuckle this morning when confronted with this view from my driveway. A message of some significance given the discussions about social media and online marketing I’ve been having over the past few days.

Photo made  07:47 5/2/2011