Lake Karapiro Rowing

Starting pontoons Cambridge Town Cup 29/1/2011

Starting pontoons Cambridge Town Cup 29/1/2011

Starting pontoons Cambridge Town Cup Lake Karapiro

Photo taken 09:10 29/1/2011

This tread plate covered pontoon runs at right angles to the 2000 metre Karapiro rowing course while under /through it, at 90 degrees, run each of the boat holder pontoons which are pushed and pulled forward or back to accommodate differing boat lengths – singles to eights. This is a two person job with the boat holder for each lane laying on the end of each pontoon holding their boat in position while their companion pulls and pushes – often it seems with their feet – at the intersection of the two pontoons. As the start approaches the race marshall off to the side asks that the boats be bought into exact alignment with the tweaking continuing right up to the point the starter, in the tower directly behind us, calls the start. Eight lanes – sixteen people not counting the marshals and starters – twenty folk at least – though this morning there were fewer with some hardy souls dashing between stations. Added to this a stiff breeze.