Starting pontoons Cambridge Town Cup 29/1/2011

Starting pontoons Cambridge Town Cup Lake Karapiro

Photo taken 09:10 29/1/2011

This tread plate covered pontoon runs at right angles to the 2000 metre Karapiro rowing course while under /through it, at 90 degrees, run each of the boat holder pontoons which are pushed and pulled forward or back to accommodate differing boat lengths – singles to eights. This is a two person job with the boat holder for each lane laying on the end of each pontoon holding their boat in position while their companion pulls and pushes – often it seems with their feet – at the intersection of the two pontoons. As the start approaches the race marshall off to the side asks that the boats be bought into exact alignment with the tweaking continuing right up to the point the starter, in the tower directly behind us, calls the start. Eight lanes – sixteen people not counting the marshals and starters – twenty folk at least – though this morning there were fewer with some hardy souls dashing between stations. Added to this a stiff breeze.

Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro photos Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro

A rowing regatta on the scale of the Cambridge Town Cup is only possible because of the dedicated commitment in time and expertise of a large band of generous and characterful volunteers undertaking an oarsome jigsaw of interlocking tasks. Magic to watch. Photos taken at Cambridge Town Hall Cup on Friday the 28th of January and Saturday the 29th of January 2011 can be found in the day galleries here. Due to a prior family commitment I am unable to attend the regatta today Sunday the 30th.

@ the 1000 metre mark, Lake Karapiro, Maungatautari Road

Dio Maungatautari Road

Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland) rowing squad members view the Lake Karapiro rowing course from above the 1000 metre mark on Maungatautari Road this morning Saturday the 29th of January 2011. The evident camaraderie, team and school spirit these young women exhibit brings much colour (and noise) to the highly disciplined and competitive (not withstanding the matching enthusiasm of their rivals) atmosphere of the Cambridge Town Cup as often fiercely contested battles unfold out on the water. There’s another shot of these young women hereat least I think it’s the same lot! :) The day gallery is here.

Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro

Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro
Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro Cambridge Town Cup 2011 KRI # 2 Lake Karapiro

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Today, tomorrow and Sunday: 28th, 29th & 30th of January 2011.

602 Maungatautari Road, Lake Karapiro, Cambridge New Zealand.

Photos taken in the boat park at KRI # 2, this afternoon as the well oiled machine of volunteers processes hundreds of young rowers, representing schools and clubs, onto the water to race the 2000 metre Lake Karapiro course and then back off the water to the busy boat park behind. The safety of rowers is of constant concern and each boat inspected – particularly the footwear of each rower. Footwear is attached to the boat and must allow for immediate and unimpeded release of the feet in the event of a capsize. As I over heard Roger Milne explain to one crew, whose setup exceeded the 50mm mandated safety tolerance, it is like trying to remove gumboots without the purchase of a step or your toe at the heel of the boot. The difference between being trapped under a boat by your feet or a straightforward dunk and escape to the surface.

North Island Rowing Championships 2011

North Island Rowing Champs 2011 Lake Karapiro

I went to watch my cousin Alice row for Hawkes Bay (Women’s Novice Eight – Hawkes Bay 2) at the North Island Rowing Championships 2011 at Lake Karapiro today the 15th of January 2011 and passed the time by covering the later medals ceremonies. So, I think I have everything from event 117 (?) – 133 (MPrem 8+)put me right if I have this wrong. In what was a great regatta for Hawkes Bay the Women’s Novice Eight – Hawkes Bay 2 won silver. Cool!

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WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons Lake Karapiro

Looking southeast towards Maungatautari from WRCH2010 boat park Lake Karapiro

In the foreground the Lake Karapiro WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons. Beyond the Don Rowlands Centre and the glass of the finish tower against the grandstand – apparently the largest temporary stand to be built in New Zealand – and yes it is huge. Beyond that the shell of the concert stage where Ophop will perform tomorrow afternoon – after the opening ceremony. And beyond again, above the trees, the northern slopes of Maungatautari.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Karapiro School crew #2

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Room 1 Karapiro School Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron
Four senior Karapiro School students; Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca and Cameron pose for a photo this afternoon, Wednesday, the 27th of October 2010 with Room 1‘s excellent WRCH2010 project. Not only showing support for the countries they are following – the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany and Australia – the clocks on the right show the time zones of each country (I do wonder, though, why the Australian clock has stopped!) – but a teaching moment, as well, exploring team work, with nifty references to rowing through the concepts friendliness, honestycommitment, responsibility, excellence and confidence. Most impressive.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – WRCH2010 Park & Ride Blue

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Corner Lamb and Carlyle Streets Leamington
A delightful contrast in building styles. The portacom? arrived in the past few of days and will no doubt service Park & Ride Blue (northern and western traffic) for the 2010 Rowing World Championshipswhich I take to be the paddock to our right. Silage has been harvested and the big green bales removed this morning – a very productive form of grooming. Beyond – the ubiquitous Rosswood Contour Barn – we have always referred to them simply as Rosswood hay barns – manufactured right here in the heart of Leamington. Beyond the former Leamington Dairy Factory (c.1910 – I might have this date slightly wrong). We are on the Cambridge greenbelt on the corner of  Lamb Street, Rotoorangi Road and Carlyle Street in Leamington, New Zealand.

ALL northern traffic from Auckland, Hamilton and the western areas is expected to use this facility. Traffic coming from the north on State Highway 1 will be diverted down State Highway 1B at Taupiri and will then proceed towards Tamahere to Mystery Creek Road. Here, Auckland vehicles will meet Hamilton traffic which will be advised to use State Highway 3. The routes will converge and proceed down Kaipaki Road to the parking area.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – the mayor & the CEO

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Alan Livingston & Tom Mayo

Two instantly recognisable profiles. Waipa District Mayor Alan Livingston and Tom Mayo CEO of the 2010 World Rowing Championships chat in the doorway of Cambridge Town Hall this afternoon Sunday the 17th of October 2010. Beyond Cambridge Town Hall piazza, the cenotaph, Jubilee Gardens and Cambridge CBD. Thirteen days to go!