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The two high profile social media channels Facebook and Twitter figure somewhat randomly in the life of Cambridge New Zealand and Waipa District Council; our local regional government. No doubt the residents of our area are as attached to the former as those of any locale on the planet – each with their own intersecting circles of friends. Our presence on Twitter, on the other hand, appears underwhelming to put it mildly. In terms of marketing, well, there are some hits and some misses. And, I’m pretty sure no one local is using Foursquare.

Here is a random selection of Facebook pages, related to us, in no particular order: Cambridge Club (42 likes| most recent activity 6/10/2010), The Deli On The Corner (156| 22/9/2010), We Love Cambridge (715| 10 hours), Cambridge Polo Club (99| 29/12/2009), Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (41| 4/11/2010), Waipa Home of Champions (279| 3 hours), Paul Bevan Musician (157| 30/11/2010), Cambridge Bodyart (570| 4 hours), Cambridge, New Zealand (851|  n/a),  Colin Brown (172| 12 hours). Tell me I’m missing something here!

Cambridge Bodyart wins hands down as a community of interest – the page is lively, focused and very active. Colin Brown, an early adopter, uses his page very effectively. Some have been left to wilt. I Love Cambridge is a weird one (I’m told others in the same franchise are more interactive – it’s attached to a commercial radio station – and appears to function mostly as one way traffic – funny that!), Waipa Home of Champions is coming along very nicely – providing timely local news and coming events. And, I do like Paul Bevan‘s page.

First prize for the most persistent local social networking marketer must go to Jason Tregurtha who is using both Facebook and Twitter very consistently across the spectrum of social networks featuring Cambridge, New Zealand on the web. Cambridge, New Zealand appears to be attached to Wikipedia and is, at present, simply a place holder. The other Cambridge, New Zealand is true social networking but suffers from lack of a moderator – it is riddled with spam – though what a township is; I really have no idea. I think it may be an English entity somewhat larger than a village and rather smaller than a market town – none of which we are. Of course, we must never forget that Cambridge New Zealand is uniquely a town of two halves – Cambridge and Leamington – each with it’s own character and history!

So to Twitter – a platform many appear to find confusing, irrelevant, addictive and most useful in equal measure. Well, it basically comes down to @jasonsopen2view and yours truly; @MichaelJeans in the marketing Cambridge, New Zealand stakes. Our MO is slightly different (but complimentary, especially if you broaden the catchment to include Google and to a lesser extent Bingunintentional, but does illustrate the usefulness of a multi platform marketing strategy. BTW I have been using geolocation for about twelve months – a note of caution – I can be a tad random in setting this – just check that you are not being directed, by your GPS, to my house rather than the location of the photograph at hand.

If you search the hashtags #CambridgeNZ, #WRCH2010, #rowing (well, perhaps not, it’s just a little too broadly used) along with #WaipaDistrict and #LakeKarapiro (I’ll let you sort these out) you’ll see how I’m using Twitter. BTW again two other names came up (in the past 24 hours) while I was researching this – both, it seems, Cambridge based but not Cambridge focused @velofille (who appears very active) and @mcleoddean (not so much). There will be others but that is it pretty much it.

P.S. I’ve not mentioned Flickr which includes significant Cambridge coverage. P.P.S. You’ll need to be logged into Facebook to see some of the FB pages linked above.

Oh, and be sure to use (which I assume will have an official launch presently) it’s really cool.

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