Social media #CambridgeNZ, #WRCH2010, #rowing, #WaipaDistrict

The two high profile social media channels Facebook and Twitter figure somewhat randomly in the life of Cambridge New Zealand and Waipa District Council; our local regional government. No doubt the residents of our area are as attached to the former as those of any locale on the planet – each with their own intersecting circles of friends. Our presence on Twitter, on the other hand, appears underwhelming to put it mildly. In terms of marketing, well, there are some hits and some misses. And, I’m pretty sure no one local is using Foursquare.

Here is a random selection of Facebook pages, related to us, in no particular order: Cambridge Club (42 likes| most recent activity 6/10/2010), The Deli On The Corner (156| 22/9/2010), We Love Cambridge (715| 10 hours), Cambridge Polo Club (99| 29/12/2009), Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (41| 4/11/2010), Waipa Home of Champions (279| 3 hours), Paul Bevan Musician (157| 30/11/2010), Cambridge Bodyart (570| 4 hours), Cambridge, New Zealand (851|  n/a),  Colin Brown (172| 12 hours). Tell me I’m missing something here!Continue reading “Social media #CambridgeNZ, #WRCH2010, #rowing, #WaipaDistrict”