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Extending WordPress – WP3.0

Oh and if you haven’t heard about WordCamp then check this out. I’m going to WordCampNZ in August.

I haven’t spent much time with the .ORG version of WordPress recently but now have a couple of projects, on that platform, in need of attention. So, I returned last night to Whitehall.CO.NZ – neglected for the past 10 months – and had a play. Updating to WordPress (Version 3.0) – the version released in the past few days – is now fully automated, as is the bulk updating of installed plugins (a new feature). BTW I make the point, when asked (well, so does everyone else); WordPress.ORG (selfhosted) is the more flexible, the more exciting, and if you have the time, the more extendible – while WordPress.COM (WordPress hosted) is, for the content provider who doesn’t want to be bothered with too much computer geekery, the safe, cuddly, secure choice. There is a third way, I have only become aware of recently, which sort of sits between the two – here is a good example Waihi East Primary School. I have only had a cursory look at this and their web host provider – but it appears to be the best of both worlds (while you are there you had better get your head around this). There are bound to be others offering a version of this service. If you are tossing up between the various WordPress options have a look here first: About WordPress. If you want to go down the self hosted track read this: WordPress hosting. If not rock on over to WordPress.COM and create an account (you will want to create a .COM account whatever you decide – to handle spam and stats.) and have a play, it’s free and you can’t break anything. Anyway back at Whitehall.CO.NZ;  I had a play with a grid theme to come up with this for a front page:


I’m fairly certain I could have done this with WP2.9 but never got around to it. Also, in my rush, I have over looked the fact that this theme is not listed as being 3.0 compatible – and that it appears to be based on code that is most probably much more flexible than I have the time to delve into. It is not quite what I want but the idea is there. Oh, and if you haven’t heard about WordCamp then check this out. I’m going to WordCampNZ in August.

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2 replies on “Extending WordPress – WP3.0”

Hi, Michael,
Info most interesting. I’m clear about and, but what’s Buddy Press? Dorothy

To be honest I’m unsure of the full implications. But given what I know about WordPress I see it primarily (among other things) as a ready made tool for teaching digital literacy.

BuddyPress is a version – or rather an extension of WordPress.ORG which allows the building of a multi user platform. Of particular use in schools – special interest clubs, associations or projects.

I haven’t delved into BuddyPress a great deal (intend to) and see it as the obvious jumping off point – using WordPress – for delivering online lessons and activities. In the example of a school each classroom can maintain their own blog(s), activities and news.

I would include this in any new installation of WordPress – (I have set up one school website and advised in the setting up a couple of others).

While WordPress itself allows for multiple authors BuddyPress extends the concept and would be perfect if you wished to explore a subject and ask others (at various levels of involvement) to contribute.

I will over the next few weeks bring myself up to speed on the subject – so I can get as much out of WordCampNZ in August.

Installing BuddyPress rather than just vanilla WordPress would not detract from normal usage – but would allow for project development if required.

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