Cambridge NZ Rowing

New Zealanders at Maadi Camp

Maadi was a lovely sight. On the banks of the Nile just south of Cairo, its wide red roads shaded by purple jacaranda and brilliant flame trees, its big airy houses basking amidst lawns and scented gardens this was elegance, this was style and comfort. This was the English community. We were headed three miles out into the desert. Media Release HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS

Fernleaf Cairo: New Zealanders at Maadi Camp: By Alex Hedley with Megan Hutchin. WIndow display Wrights Bookshop 54 Victoria Street Cambridge 3434 this morning Saturday the 28th of March 2009.

Launch Tuesday the 7th of April 2009 at Hedleys Booksellers 150 Queen St Masterton New Zealand.

Egypt was a source of boundless amazement, sly humour and some disgust to the New Zealanders, an experience which left its mark, both on our language — ‘taking a shufti’ — and more tangibly, the Maadi Rowing Cup. more

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