Beckham, Auckland and authenticity

I was thinking about messages, advocacy and autheticity when taking the photos of the parade yesterday. The angels got me thinking. I quite like Beckham the footballer. I am not a recreational sports watcher – sport goes on all about me all the time – in one ear and out the other. But some stuff sticks.

Beckham’s fluidity of movement and boyishness has seeped through to me as much has Tiger Woods determination and Daniel Carter’s zen. All three are most interesting men and though not a fan what they do, well, fascinates.

Mt Smart’s marketing of the Beckham visit seemed odd from the start. There was no leveraging of his joyful visit of a year ago. I know about the fun because I talked with a friend in the Cake Tin by phone while it was all pumping. In fact until late last week Auckland seemed to have forgotten that Beckham had been here at all. I wonder was this a marketing ploy?

Didn’t work.

Edited 17:56 8/12/08: Typo

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