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My website is a decade old this (southern) spring. It exists primarily to showcase my photography. Photography is my livelihood. I have blogged off and on since 2004 alongside other projects notably this and this. On the 21st of September 2008 I moved from a self maintained WordPress.org software site to the comfort of WordPress.com. The reason is covered briefly here, here, here and here.

In the four weeks since the change I have re established three and a half months posting (back to early July 2008) along with one or two random older posts. It is possible to do this all automatically – the old site is sitting next this – nothing is lost. But as it is heavily laden with image files an all in one automatic update is impractical.

I have set myself the task of republishing four or five ‘archive’ posts a day for the next few weeks. This gives me the opportunity to iron out wrinkles left by the crash and to rejig some quirks that have crept in over the past couple of years.

Hopefully I will have everything back to pre September 2008 shape by Christmas 2008.

WordPress.com has one major limitation at present. And the theme I am using – for it’s clean look – suffers a bit in navigation. There is no slideshow function – currently – and navigation is only by subject and date. There is no collected view of tags (currently 80 odd). This theme has no search function.

As I continue blogging and republishing I will also add ‘new’ older material (usually identified by a publishing date within the post). I have been photographing and journal keeping for quite a time.

This post is a ‘sticky’ meaning it will remain at the top of my homepage for the time being.

21:54 21 October 2008

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