Cambridge NZ

Anzac Street

From earliest times I have loved, when viewing photographs, the ability they hold to transport me in time and place. By their very nature, once made, photographs are ‘historic artefacts’. I love street scenes. I love ordinariness. I love photographs taken years ago of places I know well. I am a documentary photographer. I photograph for my own pleasure but with the added pleasure of knowing that in the future a sense of time and place is preserved in my image making for others to enjoy.

So here we are in Cambridge, on Saturday morning, in Anzac Street. We are looking at, not surprisingly, a bright green car. The car drew me to the scene. Behind me is the New World Supermarket. Across the road 13 Anzac Street home to Cambridge Edition Fairfax Media’s local weekly presence (we have, as of a month or so ago, two newspapers in Cambridge). To my left across the Alpha Street intersection the Catholic Church where a service is happening. It may be a funeral – I haven’t checked.

I am not actually sure what the car is. I am not really that into cars but doesn’t it make a great statement in its very being. And the red car here to the right – well.

Through the trees to the left you can see Maungakawa and French Pass with Whitehall, where I grew up, beyond. We are looking east perhaps a little north east.

I took three images to get this. I can be very precious about the photographs I make. There is more in this image that delights that I will leave you to ponder if you wish.

Do I put this much thought into each photograph I take? Well, yes though I don’t usually tease it all out as much as I have here. And actually writing about it is a real drag.

Do you want to hear the one about the church sign (inspiration) a few posts back?