Cambridge Edition

Jeremy Smith & Katrina Lintonbon

Jeremy Smith journalist & Katrina Lintonbon journalist/acting editor at Cambridge Edition Fairfax’s weekly title hereabouts – in their Anzac Street Cambridge office this morning Friday the 15th of January 2010. Cambridge Edition [PDF subscription service] has been published since 1981 – though Fairfax ownership is more recent. There is a history of newspapers in Cambridge on the Cambridge Museum website.

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Anzac Street

From earliest times I have loved, when viewing photographs, the ability they hold to transport me in time and place. By their very nature, once made, photographs are ‘historic artefacts’. I love street scenes. I love ordinariness. I love photographs taken years ago of places I know well. I am a documentary photographer. I photograph for my own pleasure but with the added pleasure of knowing that in the future a sense of time and place is preserved in my image making for others to enjoy. Continue reading

St Peter’s Church Cambridge

French and North American pilgrims along with local parishioners celebrate communion, this morning, Friday the 11th of July 2008, at St Peter’s Church, Anzac Street, Cambridge. The travellers continue, this weekend, to take part in World Youth Day in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008 in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI. The New Zealand World Youth Day website is here.