As noted elsewhere viewing the ‘lighbox’ gallery can be a bit of a problem with Internet Explorer. This is what should happen. In the screenshot above the cursor arrow sits on the first thumbnail (you can choose any thumbnail). Clicking on the thumbnail results in the full sized image appearing above the page (as below). To activate the built in slideshow click on the right hand icon down on the left under the large image. Alternatively you can click through the images one by one – there are back and forward buttons beside the slideshow icon and on each side of the large image itself – run your mouse about until you find them. With Firefox and Safari this works fine even on fairly slow dialup as long as you wait for the thumbnails to load before trying to view the large versions. If you have any queries email me Full coverage of the parade on Friday (29/08/08) can be viewed at Hot Shots To Go, 64a Victoria Street, Cambridge. Just pop in and ask.

Note 04/10/08 This advice is for the pre September 2008 website and currently redundant. I have yet to sort out inserting thumbnail galleries into the new regime.

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