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Cambridge Post Office past employees

Gathered today at Leamington Bowls, Leamington Domain.

If you would like to view the photos pop into Hot Shots To Go in Cambridge. Otherwise ring or email me and we’ll sort something out. But not before Tuesday. I have a rotten head cold.

Back row: Rena Pedersen, Jill Hazelden, Raelene Kilpatrick, Jeannie Stewart, Gael Wright (O’Shea), Allison Weggery, Polly Robson, Glenys Dodd, Jenny Thompson (Stites), Dawn Bourke, Maureen Cliff.

Middle row: Kathy Rugers (Zuiderwick), Donna W_______, Shelly Varnham, Angela Gies, Chris Waea (Barr), Elizabeth Parsons (Hamblyn), Glena Numa, Mike Short, Sandra Bromwich (Reid), Raewyn Rowe (Hulse), Faye Post (Pentelow), Angela George (Boyd), Robyn Searle, Juliane O’Sullivan, Mark Johnson.

Back row: Dave King, Joy King, John Marshall. Betty Busst, John Erasmusson, Ray Moncur, Rene Scott, Paddy O’Sullivan, Terry Hamilton, Sandra Walters, Tom Bourke.

Count me in as well. I worked as a Postie out of Cambridge Post Office for a short period in the mid 1970s.