Cambridge Farmers Market at Leamington Domain

Mamas Donuts Cambridge Farmers Market Leamington Domain

Mamas Donuts Cambridge Farmers Market Leamington Domain

The royal visit today necessitated Cambridge Farmers Market giving up its prime spot on Victoria Square for Leamington Domain. A most picturesque relocation. And yes, there seemed to be a steady stream of customers given, I understand, the location was only firmed up during the week. | Facebook

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The last summer’s days RIP Leamington Bowls 1931-2013

Keep off the greens please 9/02/2014

Keep off the greens please 9/02/2014

The first recorded reference to a bowling club in Leamington was in the Waikato Independent on the 10th of February 1921, when there was a move to form a club.

Leamington Bowling Club–75 Years Bruce Jeans (November 2005)

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Working on the railroad: Leamington Railway

Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc

Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc

Construction of the Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc Leamington railway at Leamington Domain continues – week in and week out – a huge effort in time and people. The opening of the railway is on Saturday & Sunday the 1st and 2nd of December 2012. (This post was updated on Sunday 30/9/2012).

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Leamington Square | Leamington Domain

Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc; After the rigorous planning – the celebration; turning the first sod for the new track. From the left Dennis Collins and Romoana Collins Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers and Alan Livingston Waipa Mayor. We are beside the band rotunda Leamington Domain Wordsworth Street, Leamington, New Zealand today Wednesday, the 23rd of November 2011. The track will be built early next year. All this hard work is set to deliver something rather special and unique – watch this space.

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Waipa Mayoral Cycle Challenge 2011

Join Mayor Alan Livingston celebrate Bike Wise month. Support the Mayor on a 10k cycle ride.

Title: Waipa Mayoral Cycle Challenge
Location: Leamington Domain
Start Time: 17:30
Date: TODAY 2011-02-16

Description: Leamington Domain, Wordsworth St, Cambridge. Join Mayor Alan Livingston celebrate Bike Wise month.

Support the Mayor on a 10k cycle ride. Children under 10 must by accompanied by an adult. Children 4-9 can remain at the park for fun cycling activities with Team Energize. Spot prizes, with a chance to win a cycle.

Roads will not be closed – normal road rules will apply. Refreshments will be on sale. If wet, postponement day will be Wednesday 23 February (listen to Classic Hits).

For more information contact Kerin McDonald Sport Waikato 7 823 2510

Leamington New Zealand – Band rotunda 100 years old ctd.

Leamington Domain band rotunda

Leamington Domain band rotunda

Two photographs taken 50 years apart – I’m guessing – the black and white would seem, by the clothing, to be WW1 time – well, during the early to mid nineteen tens anyway – and I think comes from a postcard. The colour slide is from around 1960 – from the dress and the hats. Both show the band rotunda in its original position – some 100 metres from the present site. Our POV, similar in both, has Scott Street behind us – looking almost directly east – the current netball courts would be off in the top right of each photo with the present Leamington Bowls building in front of the band rotunda where the tennis courts are in the older image and on the far edge of the bowling green in the 1960s photo.

Update 23/5/2010: Hold that thought – I have just been informed that I might be wrong about the date of the black and white photo – could be in the late 20s?? I shall do some more research.

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Leamington Art Group

Cosy in the Leamington Domain Band Rotunda Leamington Art Group members Brenda and Margaret paint and host visitors to their studio, today, Saturday the 11th of July 2009. Established in March this year the group meets here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Some of the work, of the twelve members, is availabe for sale and adorns the walls – more can be found on the walls of Your Cambridge News across the river in Empire Street Cambridge. For further information ring Joyce on 07 823 3168.

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Waipa Mayoral Cycle Challenge 2009

Waipa District Mayor Alan Livingston (Yellow Jersey) waits at Leamington Domain in the Waipa District for the commencement of the 2009 Waipa Mayoral Cycle Challenge this Tuesday afternoon the 17th of February 2009. A nationwide initiative the mayoral cycle challenge Waipa style takes in two routes a 10km country ride out into Pukekura district or a more leisurely 5km ride around Leamington.

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Cambridge Post Office past employees

Gathered today at Leamington Bowls, Leamington Domain.

If you would like to view the photos pop into Hot Shots To Go in Cambridge. Otherwise ring or email me and we’ll sort something out. But not before Tuesday. I have a rotten head cold.

Back row: Rena Pedersen, Jill Hazelden, Raelene Kilpatrick, Jeannie Stewart, Gael Wright (O’Shea), Allison Weggery, Polly Robson, Glenys Dodd, Jenny Thompson (Stites), Dawn Bourke, Maureen Cliff.

Middle row: Kathy Rugers (Zuiderwick), Donna W_______, Shelly Varnham, Angela Gies, Chris Waea (Barr), Elizabeth Parsons (Hamblyn), Glena Numa, Mike Short, Sandra Bromwich (Reid), Raewyn Rowe (Hulse), Faye Post (Pentelow), Angela George (Boyd), Robyn Searle, Juliane O’Sullivan, Mark Johnson.

Back row: Dave King, Joy King, John Marshall. Betty Busst, John Erasmusson, Ray Moncur, Rene Scott, Paddy O’Sullivan, Terry Hamilton, Sandra Walters, Tom Bourke.

Count me in as well. I worked as a Postie out of Cambridge Post Office for a short period in the mid 1970s.