A good Telecom experience

I am pretty sure the modem (D-Link DSL-502T) is faulty. I ring Telecom 126 and am ushered into a call centre experience superior in tone, and helpfulness, to recent excruciating disasters. The auto voice drafting (with push button responses) is simple and to the point. Perhaps Telecom has dropped the awful voice response maze of recent months. I hope so. James is well tuned to listening and hits the mark running quickly grasping both the issue and my level of understanding. Apparently modems fail for three reasons: they are faulty, they have been reset or they have experienced an adverse external power supply wotsit. All very straightforward. James outlines the approach we will take to sort it acknowledging my input and clearly articulating the bits I am missing. Quick success, a check at both ends and we are done. Thanks James and well done Telecom for having James on board. The modem obviously has an intermittent fault so will be replaced.