Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – worst descriptions #2

This is simply – in a word naff!

In a few weeks time the small rural town of Cambridge, a wealthy English look-alike village, hub of the New Zealand equine industry and home to the national rowing team, will welcome tens of thousands of visitors for the 2010 World Rowing Championships.

The normally quiet, tree-lined streets have been adorned with bunting, local parks and public gardens groomed, shops well stocked and extra staff hired as the town prepares to become home, business and support centre, and party central to hoards of competitors, supporters and spectators.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – worst descriptions #1

As I found it – cut and paste nonsense.

Cambridge, New Zealand is a charming boutique town offering quality accommodation, dining, shopping and activities.

Cambridge attractions, souvenir and gift stores including the Cambridge Country Store, art galleries, antique shops and Cambridge Museum are definitely worth a visit . Cambridge accommodation includes motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, backpackers and luxury lodges.

Visit the world famous Cambridge Stud, the home of former champion sire Sir Tristram and current champion sire Zabeel. Cambridge Raceway Following an extremely successful event at Queens Birthday weekend, the Cambridge-Te Awamutu Harness Racing club is delighted by the decision to allow them to host this event again during Queens Birthday weekend in 2012.

Lake Karapiro, site of the World Rowing Championship Regatta in 2010 is only a few minutes drive from central Cambridge.

Maadi Cup Tweets

Curley27, Motorbikegirl, _Bonjour_deprivedonlykid

Favourite :)

Stroke: sits at the front and looks pretty Bow: has an amazing talent for finding floating trees, banks, other boats, etc

I did a search interested to see what the take up of Twitter is among this cohort of people; um – not great. Maadi the place in Egypt is mentioned numerous times – most probably by an age group a decade or half a decade older. Then I am only using the one word search; ‘Maadi’. Could also be that phone to phone texting is so ubiquitous here that Twittering is of little interest. That and it’s public nature and ease of use or not.

Now I have found: Twitter Alerts. Well a Twitter alert service called TweetBeeps.

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Cloud computing

This is something I have done – partaken of – in bits and bobs since 2004. With the move to the WordPress.com servers, Domain mapping to the same and a move from Gmail to Google Apps – BTW looks and acts the same – I seem to be right in the middle of it.

The trick is a work flow that suits each step and learning to admit defeat, quickly, when the next bright shiny idea/widget doesn’t gel. Give and take is the saying.

Cloud computing a Wikipedia explanation. And Stephen Fry, yes that Stephen Fry, weighs in. I don’t understand the terms and conditions on Stephen’s blog so here we have a cut and paste instead of the usual live link.


Web browsers

When I was looking around for a feed of the VP debate yesterday afternoon I came upon this. It is as simple an explanation for keeping up with browser development as I have seen.

Google Chrome

I like it. It is simple to use. The new tab/most visited site/browser history thing is great. It doesn’t have any fancy functionality. Very basic. No FTP, no web developer stuff which I use daily with Firefox. The navigation/address bar doubles as the search engine. Apparently it shares a common heritage with Safari. You can read the fors and againsts here. ReadWriteWeb is always worth a visit if you are interested in such things. You can download Google Chrome here.

NBO hassles

This outfit cold called us last week. They featured on one of the six o’clock news shows this evening (sorry not sure which as I tend to flick backwards and forwards depending on the story). Not sure if we were singled out but it took us two days to shake them off. See here. And here – this later thread is from 2005. This from the same site is a bit techie. And this.

The two most popular business search portals in NZ are Yellow and Finda (not sure of their relative market positions – I am sure Yellow is significantly larger). If you can’t find what you are looking for with Google (English or Te Reo versions), Finda or Yellow it probably doesn’t exist.

If you are wanting to be found look into these three first. I wonder how Limelight is getting on. There are any number of smaller industry or area specific lists which may be useful.

Not sure how relevant this is. No search engines or directories.

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