Cambridge NZ

Cambridge New Zealand – Historic Places Trust plaque

-Sorry this photo has gone missing in action-

On this height in 1864 the 3rd Waikato Militia Regiment built and occupied the Cambridge Redoubt.

In 1964, in my last year at Whitehall School, I stood in Fort Street and watched the unveiling of this New Zealand Historic Places Trust plaque thanks to a teacher who encouraged such things. I remember feeling, at the time, pride that my town was 100 years old – it seemed such a long time then. I enjoyed, also, the parade from the river through the main street to Victoria Square – a day or so later. I don’t think I have seen so many people in and about the main street since (I have been known to claim that I remember the visit of the queen in 1953 – I’m sure the crowd was bigger – but as I was only 18 months old at the time I very much doubt my ‘recollection’). This photograph was taken on Friday at about one-thirty.

from Cambridge New Zealand Eh! to Zed December 2006-March 2007