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Meade Clinical Centre – Waikato Hospital

Navigating Meade Clinical Centre – Waikato Hospital

Meade Clinical Centre – Waikato Hospital
Meade Clinical Centre – Waikato Hospital

Impressive building ~ light, airy and, from my brief experience of it, comfortable.  A generous and effective working space ~ part airport lounge, part rabbit warren, part mall; bet it cost a bomb. Dad (the patient) was impressed with the view due south to Kakepuku (from Level 2).

Not impressive is navigating the place. It is not so much maze as a multi-choice opportunity in getting lost. Visitor comfort is cool – there’s this flash call up system (once you have checked in) on multiple screens ~ (call up to the right ~ TV on the left).  But; so where do we go now?

Surely some knowledgeable bright spark could come up with an engaging and comprehensive way of ‘managing the visitor experience‘ just a teensy weensy bit. OK so, blue signs for the workers (fancy location codes, levels & doctor stuff) coupled with something agreeably informative and engaging so I can quickly grasp where the nearest toilet is.

HeadShoulders, Knees and Toes or da vinci man (suitably upgraded; culturally sensitive gender inclusive LGBT friendly ‘n all) a possibility. Perhaps even some creative variation on The Tube map – anything better than nothing.

Seems you go to a building such as this to get stuff done. The folk who do the stuff pretty much know their way around. The building’s visitors are most probably not medically trained – so colloquial signage will more than likely do it.

That there appeared to be a person at my elbow ready to assist each time I voiced a where do we go now question speaks volumes for the fundamental failure in the design of the space.

Anyway, thanks to the folk who did patiently guide us to where we needed to go. Promise, I won’t even ask where the building’s Facebook page is.

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