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847 items February 2012

847 items February 2012

847 items
847 items

I have been using Lightroom full-time for the past 18 months to organise and post produce my camera RAW files. The ‘chosen ones’ find their way into two archives, one ‘in the cloud’ ~ the other ~ a local drive. The exceptional ones :) – those that ‘work’ (I should explain at some point) are in turn backed up twice ~ on another drive and cloud account (I also carry a version of this collection with me on my phone). Lightroom is efficient and fast to use (I wouldn’t be without it now ~ though there is a significant learning curve in using it effectively). Integrating my camera phone (NON RAW) files into this system has been a bit of a mission – I admit I may be a bit slow on the uptake – hence there is some slippage which ends up in a folder that expands and contracts as I deal with them. Some are rejects, alternate edits, double ups and PS doodles ~ as well as phone camera files looking for a home or the reject bin. There are currently 847 items in this folder requiring attention. :(

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