Cambridge NZ

Cambridge New Zealand Christmas parade 2011

there were 54 floats / participant groups and organisations in this year’s parade

Karapiro School | Alice in Wonderland

Heaps of fun. Heaps of energy, support and enthusiasm – community / commercial / service / personal. It didn’t rain. I like there being as many folk in the parade as there are folk watching the parade. It’s goodbye to Ann (retiring editor Cambridge Edition) and hello to Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade‘s flash new utility rescue vehicle. New World Cambridge do their thing superbly – supportive and practical. Louise is beaming; her Likes having doubled in recent days. On the subject of commercial support and such – big ups to Victoria Station for the best purpose built float by far.  Thumbs down to the real estate firm who cluttered up the pavement outside their establishment with advertising; embarrassing / tacky take your pick. Commercial messages abound and I’m not against them – there were 54 floats / participant groups and organisations in this year’s parade –  Maree tells me – practical and financial support has to come from somewhere – but hey lets see some creativity from our business sector – your commercial message is implicit in your participation.  Then there was the young chap on the PA who had some pronunciation issues – not quite Monty Python but close; Kaipaki really is the easiest name to say if you sound it out. St Peters Catholic School‘s wonderful nativity scene. Middle School band – and of course Karapiro School‘s wonderful Alice in Wonderland extraveganza / production. The flowers are from Karapiro School :) And lots lots more: there are more photos here.

Karapiro School report

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