Hamilton New Zealand CBD November 2011

Carparking availability sign Victoria Street Hamilton

From Leamington to Kaipaki, Mystery Creek (Mellow Road is closed – for resurfacing it would appear) to Rukuhia and across the Waikato River at Narrows Bridge into Tamahere and a coffee at Punnett Cafe, on Newell Road, right in the middle of the strawberry harvest. Into the southern end of Victoria Street Hamilton (after the morning rush) and a free 120 minute parking space! Trees at the Meteor (you may like to change the URL of your landing page) is not on until the 13th of December – (note to self: do your research).

The old pool appears operational though closed for swimming this Tuesday morning – love the blue. The Hamilton Club on Grantham Street is a busy archaeological dig with the old building sitting at the southern end of the site awaiting repositioning (I think this is called The Grantham Project). Garden Place and the Christmas Tree under construction – Garden Place even after a recent serious makeover looks bereft – a little lacking. As I have been saying, over the past couple of years, Hamilton CBD is a strange land to me – a place I visited daily until late 2003 – it is far prettier than it used to be but seems far sparcer of people.

North along Victoria and London where I say hi to Murray and Tony at London Street Cafe (I think). Mainly Chairs in Barton Street where I overhear a snippet of most glorious Walter Mitty proportions (from a customer).

Back through Centreplace to Artifice in Collingwood Street – cute – a bit retro twee but cool decorative art all the same – multi media as well.

Then an in the right place and at the right time moment I am introduced to Richard O’Brien by Mark Servian at Riff Raff Statue.

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