Hamilton New Zealand Wednesday 5 October 2011 8

Craig Smith, Garden Place, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Photos and videos taken today, Wednesday the 5th of October 2011, during a short trip to Hamilton: Steele Park, Grey Street, Bridge Street (Waikato River), Museum (Victoria Street), Garden Place, Ward Street, Centre Place, Barton Street, Casabella Lane. Not quite a decade ago (2003) and in the decade prior (1993-2003) this is a journey I made most week days (in whole or in part) – the Steele Park, Grey Street, Bridge Street walk less often; parking on the western (city) side of the Waikato River in Grantham Street. Overriding impression; eerily quiet streets and empty eateries (OK mid morning mid week!) – though moving in an easterly direction from Garden Place things become a tad more city like.

Published by Michael Jeans

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