Cambridge Tavern 1976 – 2011

There’s much happening around the highest point in Leamington; the highest point in the whole of Cambridge! Lauriston Park Retirement Village rockets towards completion. Next door – well, down the hill just a bit – Cambridge Tavern – sad shadow of it’s former self is ending its 35 year tenure of the corner of Campbell and Burns streets in the next few weeks. The area bounded by Campbell, Shakespeare, Raleigh and Burns is referred to, I see, in one document floating about, as Leamington Shopping Centre – well I suppose you would call it that, I guess, even if not strictly true. There is other stuff going on in there; Raleigh Street Christian Centre & Cambridge Montessori Preschool (the southern centre that is). And a new smallish tavern, a supermarket and ? – a shopping centre will be nice if well done.

Cambridge Tavern bottle store Campbell Street Leamington

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