I have just made a new website. The most satisfying to date. Not flash – not trendy – although it does have Facebook and Twitter share buttons :). Satisfying in the way it works for the person who will manage it and for those doing the reading. The software; WordPress. This site sits on WordPress.COM. Apart from the content (the words and pictures) and a strategy to publish (one post a week, two posts a week?? whatever – a plan of some sort)  the tools 1. a blog at WordPress.COM, 2. an HTML editor called Araneae, 3. and a simple image processor called FastStone Image Viewer. OK, being a photographer I also use PhotoShop – but this is by the by. That’s it; all up cost per year (domain name, hosting and email) less than $52.00NZ.  The time taken to put together a site from scratch – anything from 2 minutes to 40 hours – lets say you are up for at least 15 – 30 hours of reasonably intense work. Q and A back and forth with the client – very much a collaborative thing. Cheers Angela!