It is an idea that has taken some time to gel. And it’s been a whirlwind startup. One both necessary and timely. The project was conceived of as an experiment on 1/12/2010 and run as a Twitter account for 11 days. Now we have the website – the FB page will appear in the next couple of days. There is much work (in the short term) to do to get it where we want it positioned – if you want to help you know where to find us. This is an important move for me. It will ultimately free me to work on other projects which require my attention. This is a cooperative community project and one we know will become a must have online resource for Cambridge New Zealand. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere and will continue to blog here on my own site – but I have also become part of the team that will share the dynamic, up to date and varied presence for our place – Cambridge New Zealand on the net.

Edited 703AM 22/12/2010