The super awesome SM!CKS promotion

Buy a SM!CKS hoody or t-shirt!!!

Because you are totally awesome, and, of course, because SM!CKS is too, if you buy one of our products you will be such a brilliant brightly glowing sphere of awesome that anyone who doesn’t like you will explode with jealousy*! Beware, you will discover some frienamies. But you will be better off without them.

Super awesome mega sexii Hoodies (only available in black, $59.90) Super awesome mega sexii Hoodies (only available in black, $59.90)

And be the coolest person EVER!!

SM!CKS, if you didn’t already know, in which case you haven’t liked us on Facebook, and you should, is a Lion Foundation YES business from Hillcrest High School which is (super awesome) designing a range of products with the theme interesting ways to die.

Especially when you are wearing it

To buy one of our (super awesome mega sexii) hoodies (available only in black, $59.90) or t-shirts (available in blue as well as black, $24.90) you can talk to us on Facebook (we’re expecting a thousand more Likes) or visit us at Frankton Markets every saturday!

*Buying a SM!CKS will not make you glow, and will not cause people to explode. If you do start glowing, especially after consumption of our product, please contact your doctor immediately. SM!CKS takes no responibility for anyone who explodes due to lack of awesome, or other causes.

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