Bright day deep shadows and a frost tonight

Collins Road, Melville, Hamilton

I took two photographs today; this is the better. We were talking in the week  – digital v film – how easy it is to get the runs with digital – image capture diarrhoea – too much too easily. I struggle always to be less precious in my image making. Everything here is intentional – the wonky horizon line, the mucking about with thirds, the perspective. That there is a water bottle sitting in the middle of it all – I have just noticed – simply underlines the bad working practise I more often than not indulge myself in – getting the acquisition / edit thing all back to front – less is more. See the image, make / take the photo, move on – it’s not that hard really. This is one of the most satisfying images I have taken in a long while. Time from seeing to taking about 90 seconds – I had to turn the car around! This is so Waikato – I obviously should get out more.

Collins Road construction site on the western edge of Hamilton city, New Zealand.

This is very funny.

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