I’ve been reminded again, today, why some folk find navigating my site a bit of a mystery. This is what the site should look like – minimalist with two columns – with the wider left hand column holding the content – currently ten entries on the front or home page – the most recent at the top. (You can manually navigate back in time using the left hand column on its own with the older posts link at the bottom taking you to the ten next, most recent entries and so on.

Michael Jeans | michaeljeans.co.nz layout

The right hand and narrower column (also known as the sidebar) serves navigation in a variety of forms – the most useful being recent entries, a search functionsite map and search by month drop down along with links to useful and interesting places (IMHO) on this and other websites. So, to continue the story, I sat down at a machine this morning (XP / IE6) brought up my site only to find no sidebar – I can appreciate this is rather off putting if you are a first time visitor. My problem I guess – but I have only one answer – upgrade to the latest version of your browser – and there are other advantages – security for one. BTW the ten entries on my front page are there with the sidebar underneath – just scroll down – annoying,  but at least you know.

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