Cambridge NZ Chamber of Commerce intro.

The text of my remarks to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Icebreaker, this evening Thursday the 25th of June 2009 and hosted at Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade, Duke Street, Cambridge New Zealand. (well sort of – it didn’t quite come out exactly as planned).

My name is Michael Jeans. I am a native of Cambridge. Cambridge born and bred I grew up at Whitehall – educated at Whitehall Primary and Cambridge High. I have been Cambridge based for much of my life and a photographer for most of my working career.

Typical of photography services in smaller centres I offer the full range of what we refer to these days as imaging services. Wedding and portrait photography – the very popular and important skills of photo restoration, archiving and storage – photography for business, real estate and insurance. The whole bit. Visual branding and promotion.

I am very, very partial to my home town uniquely hugging the Waikato River – its twinness – Cambridge and Leamington – its place as a Waikato agribusiness centre for dairying – as much as an equine centre.

Playing my part in promoting our place I maintain an on line diary or journal – there’s a year’s worth on line at the moment – a visual blog which in part celebrates and promotes the authentic Cambridge I know and love.

I am always on the look out for new and interesting stuff about our place – as I always say – quirky but effective – providing a window on our place for us and the rest of the world to enjoy. I look forward to working with you.

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