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2008 – My list

Favourite album: Raising Sand Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Favourite song: Through The Morning, Through The Night

Favourite singer songwriter of all time: Robert Johnson

Favourite blog: The Daily Dish (followed closely by Public Address)

Favourite writer: Oliver Kamm (followed very closely by Abbie Jury)

Favourite TV: The Daily Show (followed closely by The Simpsons)

Favourite photography website: ZoneZero

Favourite web personality: Arianna Huffington (followed closely by Oliver Kamm and Andrew Sullivan).

Favourite party: Margi’s 50th (still to be recovered from teh crash).

Favourite version of Hallelujah: The Shrek one – sad I know – (Jeff Buckley a close second)

Favourite Obama speech: On fatherhood

Favourite Sarah Palin moment 1: My own

Favourite Sarah Palin moment 2: Sublime

Favourite book: (still) Mr Palomar Italo Calvino

Favourite web browser: Chrome – cousin of Safari – (sorry FireFox)

Worst web moment: The crashsuch understatement – 3 September 2008

Most hits on my website in one day: 994 – 17 October 2008 (Cambridge Leamington Tornado)

Most visited post: It’s the subject matter – and a certain All Black.

Most visited photograph: ditto

Favourite photograph 1: Christmas At The Lake (Dad)

Favourite photograph 2: Mauao (Marde and Oliver)

Favourite photograph 3: Mahé Drysdaleall the Rob / Mahé stuff is yet to be recovered.

The I don’t do landscapes but I try award: Leamington streetscape

The I’m trying really really hard to write award: Wassup! Te Reo

Most flagrant misuse of a photograph to illustrate a post award: Farewell

Favourite Gosh Golly Gee Wiz!!! moment: Martin Hope’s (The Formyula) response to the Chris Thompson video.

Fastest Google Indexing of my website: 1 minute – 14 November 2008

Most gut wrenching moment(s): Wilfie’s short life.

Most prideful moments in (non)parenthood: JJ’s PhD, Seeing Ra pregnant. Honourable mention: Taaniko, Campbell and Lena.

Most anticipated project 1: Publication (at long last) of Phyllis Jeans Glimpsing The Past of Whitehall District during Cambridge Festival of Lights April 2009

Most anticipated project 2: midnight 1/1/09

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